Megakeno 10-spot progressive stands at nearly $2.3M

Megakeno 10-spot progressive stands at nearly $2.3M

January 02, 2018 5:32 PM


The Megakeno 10-spot progressive stands at nearly $2.3 million and rising. Playing this progressive costs $1.50 per ticket.

Probably, most of us do not wish to play $1.50 per way, thus let’s go to The D, which has the best return for low level tickets using their Deano rate. The rules of this rate allow 10-cent ways, minimum of 40 cents per game and $4 per ticket, great for low level play with returns in the 85% rate. Definitely the best for low level play in Las Vegas.

The Deano rate also starts paying with fewer hits on many rates such as 1/2 your money back on 3 of 7, your money back on 4 of 10 and  for no or one hit on 11- through 15-spot tickets.

Being paid for these minor hits allows for a lot of activity at little expense to your bankroll relative to other casinos. A ticket grouped as 5-4-3-2-1 would give us one 15, one 14, one 13, two 12s, two 11s, three 10s, three 9s, three 8s, three 7s, three 6s, three 5s, two 4s, two 3s, one 2 and one 1 (king) for a total of 31 at 10 cents a way. It would cost you $3.10 per game – a huge amount of action.

You would have to play at least two games to meet their $4 ticket minimum. For an hour’s worth of play of 6 to 10 games you bet a total of $18.60 to $31. With a total of 15 numbers you should receive return on almost every game. For example, if none of your numbers come up you would be paid $4 for none of 15; $2 for none of 14; paid $1 for none of 13; $.60 for none of 12 and $.40 for none of 11, for a total of $8.

What is also interesting is in the mid-range number of spots you have three ways on many of the popular number of spots played, 3 through 10 spots. You may need to go to the counter to ask how much you have won after most games as the calculations on partial wins on this ticket will be quite involved. An unofficial general rule on this type of ticket is if you hit about half of the numbers played you will be in the black.

Here though, due the higher return and pays on fewer or no numbers, you will often be in the black on hitting just a few of the numbers, particularly those fewer numbers solid in a group. For example, if you hit from your grouping of 5-4-3-2-1 as 1-1-3-2-1 you will have a solid 3 (pays $5) and several lesser hits, which is more than the $3.10 you paid to play this one ticket.

Make sure to give in your player’s card for comp credit as you play. The keno game is on the second floor as of my last visit there and there is an excellent, reasonably priced coffee shop very close to the keno lounge to give you a non-smoking place to play while enjoying excellent food at a reasonable price.

While many do not recommend playing tickets over 10 spots due to the very long odds, they do serve a good purpose in case your numbers that are hit are scattered throughout several groups, giving you the possibility of a nice partial win. Even hit in the worst possible way, a hit of 9 out of your 15 numbers pays $12.50 and you will have all kinds of small additional hits as well.

Hit 9 of your numbers in one of the best possible ways such as 0-4-3-2-0 and you will have a solid 9 ($3,000), a solid 7 ($1,750), 6 ($300), 5 ($100), 4 ($16.25), 3 ($5) and a host of “smaller pays” like $1,250 for your 9-of-10 and $175 for your 7-of-8.

As you can see, if your numbers light up no one will stop you from screaming for your big win. Let’s hope it is you!