Gambling ban on seniors' illegal bingo game may be lifted

Gambling ban on seniors' illegal bingo game may be lifted

January 18, 2018 9:34 AM


A Bingo game at a seniors’ residential home in Germany, where players pay just $.60 to participate, may be up and running again soon after city officials in Cologne shut it down for illegal gambling, reports the German website

The home has told residents that it has banned all further games among its residents after city authorities had warned the games were taking place in violation of German gambling laws.

“We were completely speechless at first when we heard about it, we never thought that we, a senior citizen's institution, were running an illegal gambling ring,” said the home’s manager, Gabriele Patzke.

An accountant had reportedly alerted the city authorities to a potential violation of gambling laws last year in a game in which the first player to reach bingo wins a box of chocolates.

Now, city authorities say they hope to have the ban lifted quickly by

providing the home a three-month permit.

German law bans “small lotteries” including Bingo without a permit.

However, the home, even with a valid permit, will have to notify authorities each time a game is to take place.