MegaKeno keeps rising nearly $2.42M!

Aug 7, 2018 3:07 AM

Checking MegaKeno, the 10-spot is now nearly $2.42 million and rising, while the 9-spot was at $51,600 and rising and the 8 at $95,900 and rising. There are also 7-, 6-, and 5-spots but these hit often so no point in publishing them this far in advance. The cost of the ticket is $1.50.

Again, the 8 and 10 look like the best buys, but let’s set some strategy. In Las Vegas the pays for less than all the numbers are best at the Excalibur on the Strip along with the Plaza and El Cortez downtown – the latter having keno 24/7 for you late night players. Of course the 8, 9 or 10 might hit anytime and one of my readers could do it.

MegaKeno in most places needs a separate ticket but per Xpertx, the company who actually runs MegaKeno, does not require this to be done by the casinos. Hint, hint, casinos, let the players play all the combination tickets along with MegaKeno on the same ticket.

Group your ticket as follows: 4-4-2-2. This gives you two 10s and three 8s with a total ticket cost of $7.50, a fair amount of action at reasonable price. If you feel the 6 is high at the time, adding the four 6s would bring your total ticket price to $13.50. Of course check out your casino’s best pay tables for 6-spots if you feel the 6 on MegaKeno isn’t high enough to satisfy you.

The total number of spots taken out of the total number of spots possible is the same amount of ways as the number of spots left over after you have decided how many spots to play. Let’s use the above ticket to explain this concept.

When you play the two 10s you will also have two deuces (two number groups, as playing the particular 10 leaves two unplayed numbers, thus the two deuces).

However, I like getting 2222 when I play Deuces Wild video poker! Same with the 8s. If you play 8s you have four numbers left over for each way thus on this ticket the number of ways for an 8-spot equal the number of ways for the 4-spots. Thus we can now check our work.

The way to determine the total number of possible ways is to take 2 to the power of the number of groups (in this case 4) and subtract one. We have 2 raised to the 4th power minus 1 or 15. Thus there are  15 possible ways.

We have a 12, two 10, three 8s, four 6s, three 4s, and two deuces(twos). Thus we have 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +3 +2 = 15.

If this is above you, the keno computer knows the number of ways, assuming it was programmed correctly and the writer inputs your ticket correctly. You can play downtown with their low way ticket minimums to get your feet wet (a swimming pool is not needed for this).

If you haven’t played four-card Cleopatra Keno you are missing a lot of fun and bonus round action. Meanwhile, should one of our readers hit a big one, do not hesitate to let me know. Just take a picture of your offline copy of the winning ticket with the called numbers circled, and voila, you will get your name in the paper!

Some casinos think that by closing down keno they will do better. Let’s show them that keno is the game to play. The RTC bus system in Las Vegas will get you to the keno game of your choice. Hop on!