Mega 10 keeps mounting

Sep 5, 2018 3:00 AM

The 10-spot MegaKeno jackpot progressive is approaching $2.5 million and the 8-spot is nearing $100,000 – all possible for just a $1.50 bet. This is a nice goal but many of you would prefer to have more chances, albeit for lower top payout.

You can experience this if in downtown Las Vegas. The California (regular and Island rates), Fremont (regular and pop 80 rates), The D (Candyman and Deano rates), and El Cortez (65- and 40-cent rates) offer attractive top end payouts for their 7, 8, 9 and 10-spot tickets.

Today we will be taking a deuce ticket made affordable with the low downtown way minimums. Let’s try a grouping of 2-2-2-2-1-1. Play just the 10 at MegaKeno for $1.50 (El Cortez, Plaza, and Excalibur offer best returns on MegaKeno). Play the two 9-spots at the El Cortez at the 65-cent rate so if you hit a solid 9 you walk away with $50,000. Play the five 8s at the 65-cent rate at El Cortez to win $25,000 for a solid 8.

As to the 7s, downtown Las Vegas has the absolute best top end pays. Play them at 40 cents a way – Island rate, The Cal; Pop 80 rate, Fremont; Deano rate, The D; 40-cent rate, El Cortez. Yes, you can play different tickets at different casinos, believe me, they won’t mind!

If you must play the 5s and 6s then play all ways at 20 cents a way if allowed. If not, whatever the minimum per way might be as it starts to get expensive if you do not win. The trick is you want it expensive for the casino but not for you.

Another option is you just want the big deers (bucks). Play a 10-spot MegaKeno for $1.50 to go after the $2.5 million. Then, at El Cortez play 10 kings, giving you ten 9s, at 65 cents a way, costing $6.50 per ticket.

Long odds, but think how you will act if your ticket comes in. Hit 9 out of 10 and get $50,000 since you will have a bunch of 8 of 9s as well as cover the tax on the win with plenty left over for tipping, your room, a meal for you and your pooch, and more. Enjoy!