A Nugget arrives at Jerry’s with Racing Card Derby game

May 22, 2012 3:00 AM


If you like experimenting with exotic games, Jerry’s Nugget has one for you. In golf terms, it’s a hybrid game – a combination of electronic horse racing, gin rummy and roulette.

At a minimum play of $1 with opportunities to win at 10-1 odds, it’s not a bad way to have an enjoyable time without losing your shirt.

Racing Card Derby was developed in Australia and debuted at Jerry’s Nugget last week. If you’re looking for it anywhere else, forget about it. Jerry’s has dibs throughout southern Nevada.

“The game ties in with our sports book, which is in close proximity to our pit area,” said Cindy Ferris, director of marketing at Jerry's Nugget. “Jay Hill (JN director of pit operations) had contacts in Australia where the game was developed and that’s how it arrived here.”

RCD is a casino style card game dealt by a live dealer though the betting is electronic and the outcome is seen on a high-definition screen attached to the table, which seats up to five players.

The objective is to select the color of the winning horse, the winning suit (diamonds, hearts, clubs, spades) and the order of finish (first and second or first, second and third).

As the cards are dealt, the first suit to display four cards is declared the winner. Numbers have no value so a 2 of hearts and ace of hearts are treated the same. After the winning suit is established, the next to have four takes second and the same procedure follows to determine third.

Like roulette, players can also wager on if the winner is red or black. Like horse racing, you can bet just the winner, a quinella or trifecta.

Early impressions were favorable, according to Ferris, with several players coming away with wins at 10-1 odds.

“It’s definitely a novelty game,” Ferris said. “We market to the race and sports side, which is our customer base. “Everything is visual now with the technology. This game could be a forerunner of this type of table game.”

Players should note that there is what’s known as a “protest card” (the house vig if you will) in the form of the 2 of spades. If that card is dealt prior to the first winning suit, the red/black payout is reduced to 1-2 and the winner payout trimmed to 2-1. The protest card does not apply to exact quinella or trifecta wagers.

Personally, I would approach this game much the way I strategize roulette. I play the first 12 numbers and the third 12, creating roughly a 66 percent chance of winning if you throw out the 0 and 00 green.

For RCD I would recommend betting two of the four suits. That gives the player a 50 percent chance of winning (2 in 4) instead of 25% (1 in 4).