MGM brings innovative electronic tables to casino floor

MGM brings innovative electronic tables to casino floor

March 10, 2015 3:08 AM


It's possible now to multi-task at your favorite casino gameMillennials was the word that most often came up in conservation at last fall’s Global Gaming Expo. MGM Resorts understood it and acted.

Introducing the Interactive Pro Table where you can do most anything – from making room and dining reservations, to booking shows, to watching TV channels and, soon, making sports bets.

“The average age group has dropped from 50 to 45 so we knew it was time to shift to the younger consumers who rely on mobile technology for everything,” said Tim Mikulich, senior vice president of business development for MGM Resorts International. So far the reaction we have had has been fabulous.”

MGM execs saw the shift coming from old school to modern age through the declining number of craps players and subsequently available tables. If you go into casinos there is clearly less play than years ago. Just look at everyone attached to their phone. The casinos sure have, and as businessmen are taking advantage of this reliance on mobile technology.

“The kids hang out at bars, nightclubs, day clubs,” Mikulich said. “We have interactive tables at Mirage, MGM and now Bellagio in the sports book area and various lounges. The games are free for now, but by the fourth quarter (September) we hope to be able to have live money sports betting access right at the table so players don’t have to get up.”

Plans are in place to also make it possible to download all these features to your phone. You would have to be in the casino to use this. After all, the bottom line is to have bodies in the casino, and execs will do whatever it takes to make sure bodies fill those seats.

“The tables are interactive and feature four sides and four pictures, which can turn into 1 big screen, 2, 3, or the full 4,” Mikulich said. “Players will be capable of playing games on one screen, checking fantasy scores on another, booking reservations, etc.”

MGM Grand and The Mirage were the first locations in the U.S. to feature InteractivePro Tables, having been installed about five months ago. Bellagio just had theirs recently. Resembling giant smartphones, the 10-point multi-touch tables have eight speakers, 16 headphone jacks 

and 42-inch tabletop. Players can interact with one another or just go solo.

“Whether you’re getting social face-to-face or through your social networks, these digital tables have you covered,” Mikulich said. “You can check your Facebook newsfeed or watch your tweet come through on the live Twitter stream.”

MGM Resorts will stick to those three properties for now, but if the public is fully invested in the interactive tables, plans are in place to put them in the rest of the properties.

“Mobile technology has changed consumer habits,” Mikulich said. “You have to change with it. The days of pulling a handle on a slot game are long since over.”

Mark Mayer has over 35 years covering sports events and is the sports editor at GT. Reach him at

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