Poker Round-up

Mar 30, 2010 7:06 AM

Event turns Oregon into poker Mecca

Do you remember the old days at the Stardust in the 1980’s – about the same period of time about which they made the movie, "Casino?"

I remember a wonderful fellow by the name of Lee Pete – a long time Las Vegas sports talk radio personality who did his show from the race and sports book at the Stardust, then later the Frontier.

Today I wish to give a tip of the hat to a wonderful gentleman – Lee Pete – I remember being a guest on his show as well as being on Larry Grossman’s radio show several times back in the 80’s.

Lee would drop by the poker room and visit with the poker players when he came by to air his show from the casino.

Lee received his invitation at the age of 85 to come and to help MC the really big show in the sky! Lee will be missed from the sports and Las Vegas communities, by all who loved to hear his comments on life, Las Vegas and the sports of the world.

I remember talking with Lee about the cheating that was going on in the poker room and the skimming of the slot machines.

I was told that I was cheated every day, but I overcome it!

Carol, Oklahoma Sarah and I have been invited by Stephen Miller, the special events manager of Opportunity Village, to once again come on Saturday, April 10, to Caesars Palace to help out with the Charity Poker Tournament for Opportunity Village.

We would like to invite all poker players and their friends to join us for this special poker charity event.

Check in will be at 10 a.m. and the tournament starts at 1p.m. Hope to see a lot of you folks there.

It is about time to start packing up the wagon for our trip to Pendleton, Oregon where we will be hosting the Bob Thompson Memorial Poker Tournament on April 20 at the Wildhorse during the annual Spring Poker Round Up!

It is good to visit around all the poker rooms of the county and renew friendships of the past 70 odd years.

I forget names, but never the sound of a voice or how a person plays a hand.

Yesterday, George, whom I have been playing with for 50 years, said to me Johnny, do you remember me!

Of course I did and I still remember how he played his cards. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks but most of the fellows have the same MO as to how they play their cards.

And fellows I may forget your name for the moment but I will never forget your face or how you play your hand.

I look forward to playing a few more hands with all of you.

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week

Life is good and always gives us the teacher we need at the very moment needed.

When you are playing poker, remember what the teacher told you!

Today I will again try to be your teacher. The lesson for the day is, when playing no limit, unless you are an expert poker player, never play in an un-raised poker pot – unless you are doing the raising.

If you remember what the teacher told you to do, you can take the money home and count it there!

Until next time remember to stay lucky!