It's WSOP time, poker games can be found all over Las Vegas

May 31, 2011 3:00 AM

It is again World Series of Poker time. Games can be found all over Las Vegas.

Just go to any of the poker rooms. The Orleans has games not seen since last WSOP poker days. In addition to The Orleans Open poker tournament they still have their regular 7 p.m. tournament, and the room is full of side games.

Last week, I went to play at the Orleans and found an eight and 16 Omaha hi/lo split game – one of my favorites. You get four personal cards and five common in the flop – making it a nine-card poker game. Then you can play for high or low or try to win both ways.

It is hard to find a hand you cannot play. There are really very few bad hands only bad flops. A lot of fun, a little gamble.

I remember my daddy told me the difference in risk taking and gambling about 80-plus years ago. I tell so many stories you may hear the same one more than once. Just fast forward, skip it and go to the next one.

I remember one time daddy took me to a carnival and showed me all the games of chance! Knock over the milk bottles or dolls, throw the darts at the balloons, pitch pennies and win a prize!

Then he took me to a casino and showed me how they play 21/blackjack, red dog, wheel of chance, craps/dice, keno and slots.

Daddy made a gesture taking in the whole casino and reminded me of when he took me to the carnival and said, "Son, carnivals and casino games are what are known as gamblin’. Stay away from it. You have got no chance of winning. Remember as long as you live, stick to poker."

I have followed that advice mostly all my life. A few times I have disobeyed and played the carnival and casino games! After 70-plus years of playing those games I am not a winner.

Moreover, I have never seen a winner – except a few megabucks and lotteries where they won so much they could not give it back in one lifetime! I have seen many players get temporarily ahead and get out of town with the money! But it burns a hole in their pocket and they cannot wait to return the money to the casino.

Please, pardon me just a minute. What’s that you say Carol? You won $20 playing the monopoly slot last night while I was playing poker. Yes, you and your mother are good slot players.

They are the exceptions.

OKJ Tip of the Week

Success in the game of poker and the game of life is a marathon, not a sprint. Do not try to win all the money today; they will deal again tomorrow.

Always remember as my daddy told me, "Son if you know poker, you know people. If you know people, you’ve got the whole dang world lined up in your sights."