Today's poker writers know the game

Jun 7, 2011 3:00 AM

I know folks have heard this statement: "Those who can do something will get it done, and those who cannot will write books or teach others how to do it."

Well, what if one who can play poker was to write a book or teach others how to play poker? I play poker almost every day and get teased by the poker players about being a writer who writes books and columns about poker.

Almost each day I hear the poker players talk about other writers who play poker and also write about how to play.

At times I have agreed with what the other poker players have to say about poker writers, but for the most part I think the poker writers of today are a very knowledgeable group of players.

Once in a while I even read and agree with what they write. But I do fear most of them will need to keep their day job.

I have a select group of students that on occasion tried to teach some of the poker playing methods that will help them be winning poker players.

I will not name any of my students here but they have won millions of dollars in tournament poker and I am proud of all of them.

The one lady poker player I had the opportunity to give poker lessons to who I am most proud of was my wife Carol’s mother, Jane. She had never played a hand of hold’em poker.

I wanted her to play in a ladies-only poker event at the America’s Cup at the old Vegas World. I told her I would teach her in a few minutes how to play and win.

Jane was a fast learner. I gave her a five minute poker lesson and she wound up winning that hold’em poker tournament in her first-ever competition.

My wife Carol is a very close second to her mother as being one of my best poker students. Her peers say she plays better than I do.

Why is this true that the student can beat the teacher? Well, if the student plays poker the way I teach, they will win most of the time.

The truth is I do not play poker as I teach it. I have too much fun and do not always play an "A" game. I tease the odds and enjoy the game too much. I need to be more serious.

Carol, on the other hand, is all business when she plays.

OKJ Tip of the Week

Let me set the poker table for you:

You are playing no limit hold’em poker. You are in a hand before the flop and have called or bet all of your chips. You have been called by only one player, who is one of the top tournament players.

You assume because he has called your "all-in" bet, that he holds one of the top name-brand hands (A-A) or (K-K) or (A-K). You are given a wish – select any two cards that are a pair to play this hand that are not aces or kings.

What two cards would you select?

Would you select (Q-Q) or some other two cards that are paired? What two cards that are paired can you hold that would give you the best chance to win this pot?

If you like the two queens, that’s wrong; Two jacks and two 10s are also wrong. The very best pair to hold against one player who has AA or KK or AK is two 9’s.

Why is this true? Read next week’s column or e-mail me at [email protected] and I will tell you the answer.

Until next time remember to stay lucky!