Hill’s wisdom can lead you to super success at betting

Sep 18, 2012 3:00 AM

Napoleon Hill wrote a book in 1937 that is still one of the world’s best sellers. In Think and Grow Rich, Hill tells you how to become a millionaire, both monetarily and mentally.

Although the high-stakes games he played didn’t include poker or sports betting, Hill’s winning wisdom can lead you to super success in any of life’s games. Here are two of Hill’s five keys to success. Look for three more in next week’s column.

Desire. The master key to the door of success is a burning desire for a “definite form of riches.” For a college professor, “riches” may mean becoming department chairperson, whereas to Donald Trump it may mean striking a megadeal in real estate. As a gambler, what does “riches” mean to you? Is it money, or the prestige of winning first place in a poker tournament? Is it winning your fantasy football league, or the admiration of your teammates? What do you most desire to get from playing poker? From betting sports? From life?

Whatever it is, your desire for it must be hot enough to set you on fire – to motivate you to go for it, no matter what obstacles you stumble across. “Definiteness of purpose” is Hill’s way of phrasing his major concept: Know exactly what you want and desire to get it. Then follow his five steps to success, and you too can grow rich.

Thought. “You have absolute control over but one thing – your thoughts. If you fail to control your mind, you may be sure you will control nothing else,” Hill says. Before you can become a success at anything, you must attain self mastery, which would put all the shrinks out of business, of course.

Thoughts are things. They are definite forms of energy that lead to events that are primarily determined by the actions you take, which are based on your thoughts. It’s the circular staircase of thought-action-event-thought-action.

Too many of us are into “poverty thinking.” We tend to catastrophize our circumstances. But people who think prosperity thoughts look at obstacles as opportunities for advancement. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” is a metaphysical concept. It means whenever you are ready for something, it usually makes its appearance in your life. Your thoughts are what get you ready.

What are you ready for? When playing poker, are you thinking of the river card that will make your hand or the one that will ruin it? When placing a big bet on a game, are you visualizing beating the spread or fearing a loss? In your personal life, are you always thinking of what you desire or what you dread?

In the words of Earl Nightingale, famous American motivator, “We become what we think about all the time.” Poor people think poverty. Rich people think wealth. Successful people think success. And that’s why they have The Gambler’s Edge.

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