Ultimate Poker $10,000 Sundays tournament

Jun 9, 2013 11:06 AM

Ultimate Poker offers a wide range of tournaments at every stake level, every day. The Ultimate Poker lobby makes it easy to find the tournament that fits your level/bankroll. They offer nine-seat and six-seat tables, as well as two-seat Heads-Up tables where winner takes all. Please refer to the Ultimate Poker lobby for the entire Sit & Go Tournament offered.

Don’t miss $10,000 Sundays at Ultimate Poker

The $10,000 Sundays tournament is the can’t-miss weekly event. The buy-in is $100, and there is a $10,000 guarantee every Sunday for the 6 p.m. PT tournament. Satellites run every day, with greater frequency on Sunday, and range from $1 to $20. The deep starting stack of 10,000 chips combined with 15-minute levels provides hours of action-packed poker.

Ultimate Poker Is Offering These Tournaments Every Day:

Deep Stack - Players start with 3,000 chips and above.

Turbo - A fast action packed tournament style. Unlike the typical 10-minute blind schedule, Turbo-style Tournaments raise the blinds and antes every five minutes.

Sit & Go - These tournaments start as soon as all seats are filled. Sit & Go Tournaments run constantly all day, every day. Just pick a table and take a seat. Unlike scheduled tournaments, you don’t have to wait for a designated start time.

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