One memorable poker playing dream

Oct 15, 2013 3:00 AM

I Had a Dream…

I’m so glad it wasn’t a nightmare, but this dream did wake me from a good night’s sleep.

And then, in my dream I kept thinking of the consequences – not in the realm of a Martin Luther King, Jr. dream, but still significant if you’re a poker player. So I got out of bed and staggered to my computer to record it – despite my blurred eyes – before I forgot some of the details.

My short-term memory is very short these days. Happens as we age. It was a very memorable dream.

In the big blind with a Texas Dolly 10-2 offsuit in the hole, I got to see the flop when no one raised. The dealer deftly placed the three flop cards on the board:

2-2-J rainbow.

I could hardly believe my eyes. I had flopped trip deuces, with a decent shot at a full-house. Poker icon Texas Dolly Brunson would be proud of me! Oh sure!

The story is told of how he won two poker championships with 10-2 in the hole. And I have read portions of his monster poker book, “Super System – A Course in Power Poker,” often labeled the poker bible. (To be honest, I prefer Lou Krieger’s books.)

It was as if I had any control over the flop or the hole cards that had been dealt to me – or of my dream, for that matter.

Blurry eyes and all, I continued typing away (using one finger from each of my two hands) at my trusty computer to record all the details of my dream, so I could record for you and posterity the consequences of this flop in the context of my 10-2 holecards.

The consequences: What if the turn or river brought another 10? I would then have a full-house: deuces full of 10s. That’s a hand not to be sneezed at. But then I thought: There’s still another deuce out there.

My dream vision then seemed to jump haphazardly around until it settled down and revealed an opponent with A-2 in the hole who stayed to see the flop. (Poker players love Aces!)

In his defense, his A-2 was suited and it was a multi-way pot with lots of players still in the pot. If two more of his suit fell on the flop, he would have a good shot at the nut flush.

With the turn and river cards yet to come, the card odds would be less than 2-to-1 against him.

So my dream (maybe it really was a nightmare, after all) continued.

The turn brought a beautiful 10. I now glowed within. Deuces full of 10s! That’s really a monster. Powerful!

I made the big bet and enjoyed several callers until the A-2 in the cut-off position, who promptly raised.

Perhaps “enjoyed” was not the best verb to use in this case because the river was another Ace. I guess you’d have to call it a bad beat. He had just three outs, the remaining three Aces – a huge long-shot. I don’t have to remind you that deuces-full-of-Aces beats my deuces-full-of-10s. Horrible!

It wasn’t my fault. This was a $4-$8 limit game and all I could bet was $8 – not high enough to chase out that player holding the A-2 in the hole. After all, his hand, with the Ace kicker, had my J-2 beat from the start.

I’m glad it was only a dream. It would be my nightmare if it happened in real life.

I know not what caused my dream to unfold this poker hand. I had not played poker the night before; nevertheless, this dream was for real.

I sure hope the poker gods didn’t mean it to be a preview into the future. In any case, I’ll be prepared should such a hand happen to me at the casino.

So then I went back to bed to get some needed sleep.

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