Relationships on both sides of poker

Relationships on both sides of poker

February 21, 2017 3:00 AM


My husband Robert Turner and I recently did a radio interview together on High Roller Radio to discuss my latest article on Phyllis Caro. Robert was asked about how hard relationships were for poker players, and his answer was essentially saying I don’t listen to his advice.

His answer inspired this article. Thanks, Robert.

I admit I may not always take his advice, but even he would readily admit we have very different playing styles. He certainly has earned the nickname “the Chipburner” as I have watched him at the tables the five years we have been together.

He didn’t become a world-class player by being timid. He takes calculated risks, but it is still nerve-racking to watch him play.

Being the wife of a professional poker player is not always easy. Because Robert is one of the hardest-working people you will ever meet in the casino or any industry for that matter, I have spent many holidays at the casino with my husband – New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, my birthday.

But relationships require compromise, so I have established some boundaries – like no phone after 9 p.m. or before 7 a.m. (Sorry, anyone who is trying to reach him between those hours!) And one day a week is designated as “Patty Day.” The funny thing is I often choose to spend it at the casino anyway, playing a tournament while Robert rails me.

With the World Series of Poker only three months away, I prepare for long days railing my husband. He likes to be able look up and see me and talk to me between hands, so I stay close, leaving only to charge my phone.

Robert has changed my life. I learned how to play Omaha from the creator of the game. I learned about the history of poker that I could never have read in books. He told me stories about players you will never see on TV. He knows everyone and everything about poker. He lives for the game.

When we were dating, he had some big ideas about writing books and asked me if I could write. I said, “I can string two sentences together.”

Well, we started a blog together, and then he started writing for GamingToday. Every week we bounce ideas off each other about poker, writing and life. Robert is an inspiration to me every day.