Scary night at Bicycle Club as doors temporarily close

Scary night at Bicycle Club as doors temporarily close

April 11, 2017 3:10 AM


It was the poker story you couldn’t miss. My husband Robert and I were enjoying a leisurely Tuesday morning after finishing yoga (yes, Robert does yoga) when he received an urgent text.

Robert immediately got on the phone, and said, “What??” He then looked at me and said, “They closed the Bike!” I didn’t register what he was saying. 

All I could do was stare at him and say, “What???”

Yes, it was true. On Tuesday, April 4, around 7 a.m., federal agents raided the Bicycle Hotel & Casino and seized thousands of financial records according to media reports.

I was even late to my job as I tried to find any further information. When I arrived at work, my co-worker said she just heard on the radio about the Bike.

She doesn’t even play poker; that’s when I knew the story had gone mainstream.

Then I got a call at my work. My brother, who is an avid poker player that I credit with starting me in poker, called me and asked, “Is it true? The Bike is closed?”

At the time, rumors were swirling, and all I could tell him was what I knew  – the Bike was closed, and I had no idea when it would reopen.

The Bicycle Hotel & Casino is one of the largest card rooms in the world and one of my favorite places to play. I’ve played there for over 10 years, starting at the $40 No-Limit tables visiting the Bike with my father.

The Bike has many fond memories; in fact, I spent my first “date” with my future husband in the Bike’s Omaha section eating steak and shrimp cocktail.

I sat behind him and watched as he played this mysterious new game, Omaha. He taught me how to play there, and I still enjoy playing Omaha there both in cash games and tournaments.

I checked Twitter and found the Bike opened less than 24 hours later at 3 a.m. on Wednesday, and retweeted that.

The Bicycle Hotel & Casino management wants their loyal customers to know, “We are fully operational, and our customers will enjoy the same superior quality and fun experiences they expect when visiting the Bicycle Hotel & Casino.”

I look forward to making new poker memories there.

Watch my column for updates as they come in.