Oregon bill would ban 'for profit' poker industry

Oregon bill would ban 'for profit' poker industry

May 06, 2017 7:41 AM


In Oregon a new bill amending that state’s poker laws would ban the “for profit” industry. The bill has passed through the Oregon House of Representatives and now waits for the Oregon Senate’s review and vote. The Senate has seen similar legislation in the past, but has not acted on it.

The legislation that passed by a 39-16 vote, refines current laws allowing that only “social” poker games may be conducted and that those gatherings would have to be “operated and controlled by a charitable, fraternal or religious organization.”

Right now, Portland is home to a flourishing, for-profit industry, with 13 poker rooms that exist in the city limits for the past decade and another seven that are within the county, according to pokernewsdaily.com.

The new bill would completely remove these types of businesses in an effort to protect Indian casinos in the region, casinos that are reportedly losing millions to the Portland-area poker rooms.