Tourney was no Garden of Eden

Sep 26, 2017 3:10 AM

Last week I wrote about The Gardens Poker Classic getting off to a great start by smashing the $100,000 guarantee in its first event.

But this week the Gardens finds itself in the middle of a poker controversy. When I first heard the news that the casino was adding extra flights to its $1 Million Guarantee after it was already well underway, I was incredulous.

A call to the casino confirmed it. They were adding two more days to the event because they didn’t make the guarantee, which is called an overlay.

Outraged players took to social media attacking the decision and vowed never to play at the casino ever again. Poker Night in America, who was a partner in this event, stated they are a production company and had no input in management’s decision to make changes to the Main Event.

If you bother to read the fine print at the bottom of the flyers, it usually has the standard disclaimer that states the casino reserves the right to modify or change the event.

The problem with the Garden’s decision is once the tournament starts it’s a contract to the players that cannot be changed.

Recently the Commerce Casino had tournaments that did not meet its advertised guarantee, but Commerce stepped up and did the right thing by honoring the guarantee.

The Gardens Casino, which recently underwent a $90-million renovation, finds itself in the middle of a PR disaster.

Many players had planned their work week around the finals being held as advertised with the event concluding last Sunday. It’s time for casinos to honor their advertised promotions and state regulatory gaming boards to protect the players who in good faith enter these events.

I will definitely think twice before playing any tournaments at the Gardens Casino. The factors I consider when playing are the stated guarantees and end dates.

Because I work during the week, it is important to me that the event ends on a weekend.

It’s troubling that this happened, but I hope it never happens again