Dreaming of pocket 4's that become 4-of-a-Kind

Jul 24, 2018 3:00 AM

Last night I had a very unusual poker dream. It’s not uncommon for me to dream about poker the night before I plan to enjoy playing my favorite game of $4-$8 limit Texas hold’em at my favorite casino, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino in Gardena, Calif. – great games, great staff, delicious food, well maintained and a fascinating mix of players.

But this dream was – well what can I say – What a Dream! I could hardly wait to get to my computer to write about it. It’s a dream I’ll never forget.

In the Big Blind, I was dealt pocket 4’s.


There were no raises, so I got to see the flop “for free.” (Never refuse a free card.) And, what a flop it was:


A set of 4’s!

I was careful not to give any tells, but it sure was exciting. Studying the board, I decided to slow-play in order to build a big pot and get to the showdown. It was a loose game, and I was so sure of winning this hand. Of course, at this point my goal was to win as many chips as possible.

The UTG+1 opened the betting and was raised by the cut-off. Four of us saw the Turn. And what a card it was! Hardly believable; so rare.


I had caught four 4’s – Quad 4’s! Certainly, I held the nuts. I was so sure of it. In view of the previous betting, I decided to continue to build the pot.

This time I would go for a check-raise and build the pot even bigger – to a “tall mountain of chips.” After my check, again, the UTG+1 opened the betting on the Turn. Two callers and it was my turn to declare. Of course, I then completed my check-raise. All three of my opponents called to see the River:


Putting a pair of 7’s on the board.

For this final round of betting, on the River, I decided to make the opening bet from my Big Blind position. UTG+1 called. And then – surprise! – the UTG+2 raised my bet. He was a good player. Having called all along, I figured him for a strong hand – perhaps top two-pair (Kings and 7’s) or even a set of 7’s. The late position folded and it was my turn to act.

My Quad 4’s stared me in the eye. I was so sure I held the best hand; so I re-raised (a three-bet). The UTG+2 re-raised all in (a four-bet). As I called his final bet, he could hardly wait to show his hand. With a huge smile across his face, he proudly turned up his holecards:


He had made Quad 7’s on the River! My Quad 4’s were second-best.

Quickly realizing the situation, I shouted aloud, JACKPOT!

Then, the dealer calmly verified that both players’ holecards were part of both Quads; and, yes, it was a genuine Bad-Beat Jackpot hand! No question about it.

Everyone at the table stood up with big smiles adorning their faces. Loud shouts of victory and hand-slapping. A number of players shook my hand.

The floorman rushed to our table; everyone was a winner! Several onlookers came to our table and joined in the celebration. It was a small mob. Some shook their heads in amazement, adding to the celebration.

The Bad-Beat Jackpot was over $15,000 and I was to receive 40 percent of that. Wow! But, alas, it was all just a dream. Then a thought came to me: Perhaps this dream was an omen of what was to come when I played poker later that day – a forerunner of what the poker gods had in store for me.

We can dream, can’t we?

As it turned out, there was no Bad Beat Jackpot when I played later that day – not even close. But, I did enjoy a healthy win and went home quite happy.