A hand to remember

A hand to remember

September 12, 2018 3:00 AM


With millions of possible 5-card hands in a game of Texas hold’em, there are bound to be some that really stand out. Here’s one that has stood up to the passing of time for me.

Playing $4-$8 limit hold’em at the Hustler Casino, I was in a late position when I turned up the corners of my two holecards – A-K offsuit, a premium drawing hand. After several opponents limped to see the flop, I decided to raise to build the pot in case I connected on the flop. Four players called.

The flop came: 10-J-Q rainbow. Beautiful! I had connected with the nut straight. Based on the board, full-houses and flushes were not likely to develop on the turn and river.

With that flop, I decided to slow-play to keep others in and better build the pot. I would do my raising on the turn and/or the river when the bets are double; and consider making a pot-building check-raise.

I called Jim’s early-position bet, along with a middle-position player and another to my immediate right. Then Bob on the Button raised it up! I was somewhat surprised but realized he was a loose-aggressive player. The best he could have was a big set, such as three Aces, assuming he had pocket Aces. I discounted the likelihood Bob had connected with a set on the flop; with a big pocket pair, I was certain he would have raised preflop. I called his 2-bet along with two others. The pot was growing.

The turn was a blank – not likely to help anyone’s hand. Jim opened with the big bet, $8. Two others called. I decided to raise it up – a 2-bet – certain I would get some callers to help build the pot.

Again I was surprised when Bob raised, making it a 3-bet. Jim called. I re-raised, certain my Ace-high nut straight was unbeatable. Bob made it a 4-bet. Jim folded. I called. Now it was just Bob and I.

The river was another blank. My Ace-high straight was indeed the nuts! I opened the last round of betting. Again Bob raised it up. I re-raised. Bob promptly re-raised. We kept raising until Bob was all-in.

Showdown: Like me, Bob had A-K offsuit in the hole. The others at the table shouted. It was a gigantic split-pot, the largest pot I have ever seen in a $4-$8 limit hold’em game – one to remember!