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Sahara's Poker Room boasts great menu

This week I’m going to do something different with my restaurant review as I’m going to combine a food review with a poker room review.

As you know, many of the food places I go to are before or after a poker session on the Las Vegas Strip. This week, I ate during my poker session tableside.

The Sahara just had their grand opening of their new poker room. Let me start by saying I really wish the Sahara the best of luck with their new room as it’s gorgeous. The room may only have seven tables, but you will be playing in complete luxury.

The room is very spacious and the chairs they put in are the most comfortable chairs of any poker room in Las Vegas. They have a giant video wall sectioned into four big screens. This is perfect for watching games you have action on while playing.

While many casinos would rather have slot machines that make more money, Sahara spent a lot bringing poker back to that end of the Strip. If you love live poker and you live in Las Vegas, you should give Sahara some poker love and give the room a try. 

Now let’s get to the food at the Sahara poker troom. They boast a very nice menu of items from burgers to Chinese food and steak and eggs for those really late-night-early-morning poker sessions. Everyone I talked to said you have to try their Chinese menu. The food comes thru room service from the Northside Café & Chinese Kitchen.

I ordered the Mongolian Beef and it was amazing. The flavor of this dish was excellent. Unlike some of the poker rooms around town, even though the food is being handled by room service, they don’t hit you with a big room service fee. My dish was $16 plus tax and worth every penny. They set you up tableside, so you don’t miss a single hand. From the food itself to the setup, I was very impressed and I plan on trying other items from the Chinese menu in future visits. The next dish I want to try is the Wonton Soup Bowl. 

My experience at the Sahara was fantastic as this is the nicest small poker room on the Strip. Note for those of you that like mixed games, they had a mixed game going on during both occasions that I played at Sahara.

As for the food in the poker room, it’s some of the best I’ve had while playing and was so good that it will have me going back for lunch or dinner.  I give the Northside Café & Chinese Kitchen a Rating of 3.75 Forks.