Craps has some of the best odds in the casino

Nov 20, 2012 3:00 AM

Besides being one of the most fun games in the casino, on its own, craps has some of the best odds of any game in a casino.

For newcomers the Pass Line on the craps table is the bet that gets them in the game. For gamblers looking for good bets in a casino with minimal house edge, the Pass Line offers a bet with only 1.41% house edge. You can add odds behind your Pass Line bet that come along with no house edge at all.

The odds on a Pass Line bet are commonly looked at as the best bet in the casino. Depending on the casino you play at you can play odds between 2 and 100 times your Pass Line bet. With zero percent house edge, maximizing odds on your Pass Line bet will minimize the 1.41% house edge on your Pass Line bet.

Craps is the most addicting game in a casino for many. For beginners a Pass Line bet is enough to get them started playing the game and enough action to keep them yelling and clapping along with the shooter. The more experience you have with playing craps the more action you want. 

More experienced players will add a couple of bets to each roll. A Come bet works similar to the Pass Line. This bet can be made after the come out roll to establish a point. When a number is rolled your bet is put on that number. The similarity with a Pass Line bet doesn’t end there as you can place similar free odds, with no house advantage, on your number.

Experienced gamblers will do this only twice though since playing maximum odds at some casinos ties up the bankroll too much with one roll.

There’s one more option for a small house edge bet at the craps table that you’ll see many experienced players place their money. Placing a bet on the 6 or 8 directly (instead of waiting for a Come bet) only has a house edge of 1.52%.

You can place a bet on any numbers with different odds that are more in the casinos favor. There are no free odds on place bets so you’re only entitled to a 7 to 6 payout when you place a bet on the 6 or 8.

Don’t confuse placing a bet on the 6 and 8 with betting the Big 6 and 8. They’re two separate bets and the Big 6 and 8 only pay even money. You’d be giving away money on a roll of a 6 or 8 in this case. In other words: Avoid Big 6 and 8.

Placing a bet on the 6 or 8 (or any number for that matter) or making come bets are entirely up to the individual as either way provides some of the best odds in a casino. It’s mostly just a matter or collecting winnings (we always assume we’re going to win, right?) sooner or later.

Craps is simple, fun and has good odds. You’re talking my language.

Marc Meltzer covers Las Vegas, gambling and men’s lifestyle for various outlets. Follow Marc on twitter @eastcoastgamblr. Check out his blog at Contact Marc at [email protected].

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