Let's give those dealers some love

Sep 10, 2013 3:00 AM

Dealers aren’t carnival barkers in the casino with designs on getting us to play games. Rather, they are supposed to deal the game and keep us playing.

The good dealers will entertain us with fun stories and advice while we play. Others will just deal the game and not say a peep. This isn’t any different than any other employee at a casino. Unfortunately, many times the good dealers are the forgotten people in the casino. Dealers can be the unsung hero for a good night at the tables.

Dealers don’t work exclusively on tips but, like most people in the service industry, tipping usually improves the service we receive. Tipping can actually go a long way to a winning night at the tables. Tipping a dealer won’t get them to change the cards or cheat for you but it will get you a little extra attention.

If I’m winning I’ll usually tip the dealer every now and again, giving them the option to keep the bet or play along with me. Most of the time when I’m losing there’s no reason for me to tip. It’s just not in the cards for me or the dealer. 

Here are some real life examples of how tipping dealers has helped me at the tables.

I play blackjack with a simple basic strategy so there’s rarely any thinking involved with the moves. Blackjack is a little robotic for me, which is why I mostly play with friends. Between paying attention to friends and drinks there are too many times where I’m not always paying attention.

When I tip, the dealer pays a little more attention to me and makes sure I’m not making moves I normally wouldn’t make. This includes not hitting at the wrong time and doubling when I want to. The few extra dollars in tips sometimes can help turn a losing session into a winning session.

When I play craps I’ll almost always come into the game with a two way “yo.” Two ways means one unit for me and one unit for the dealers. Two-way bets show the dealers I know what I’m doing. I’ll periodically include dealers in on bets when I’m winning.

A crowded craps table can get confusing and the tips help ensure the dealers will see to it that nobody is leaning in to take my winnings and that I have my typical bets down.

Not everyone believes in tipping dealers. If you listen to some gamblers who play for a small edge against the casino, they will tell you they don’t tip and it’s frivolous to do so. I disagree but that’s their choice.

I’m in the casino for a good time, and if that costs me a few dollars that’s okay. I’m also the kind of person who tips the valet when I pull up to a casino so they pay extra attention to where my car is parked and it isn’t in a scratch zone.

What goes around usually comes around – especially in casinos.

Marc Meltzer covers Las Vegas, gambling and men’s lifestyle for various outlets. Follow Marc on twitter @eastcoastgamblr. Check out his blog at www.AC2LV.com Contact Marc at [email protected].

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