Extra card found in blackjack deck

Extra card found in blackjack deck

January 15, 2016 9:28 AM


Extra card found in blackjack deckThe Rivers Casino of Pittsburgh has been fined  $15,000 for “compromising the integrity” of a blackjack game when the dealer put an extras card in the automatic shuffler from which cards were being dealt.

A Rivers attorney explained that the casino self-reported the incident and the card in question was never dealt.

Assistant Enforcement Counsel Kim Adams of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board said the shuffler malfunctioned while a stack of blue cards was being shuffled and a stack of red cards was in play.

The dealer overrode the error light when the shuffling was completed, he took a card from the blue deck out of the shuffler and put it in the red deck. The extra card was later determined to be a 10 of clubs.

The red deck with the extra card was used for 73 minutes and 147 hands while the blue deck with the missing card was used for 24 minutes and 674 hands.

A Rivers attorney said the casino reported the incident to regulators and the blue card was never dealt so no hands were won or lost because of the extra card. The attorney blamed “human error” for the offense. The dealer was given a written warning and dealers are no longer allowed to touch  the shuffler, according to news reports about the incident.

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