The Slot Emporium at Palms Resort & Casino

Jun 14, 2011 3:00 AM

Consider the Slot Emporium at Palms Resort & Casino in the way one would approach adding value to a home.

"Whether it’s promotions or product, the Slot Emporium came about in a fairly simplistic manner," said Todd Simons, Palms executive vice president of casino operations and marketing.

"We had a space that wasn’t being utilized and generating the revenue per square foot we could have been generating," Simons stated. "We wanted to put in something the competition isn’t capable of doing. Slot Emporium is a way to be innovative to our guests."

In simpler terms, there was space in the Palms casino sort of sitting there, not being utilized to the maximum for the resort.

Now it is.

"Rather than just fill a room with slot machines, we came up with a unique offer that gives our players the types of games we have all over the slot floor," Simons said. "In addition to that, we offer a bonus on top of each machine."

These Palms people are ahead of the curve – typical of a Maloof-run operation. A room full of machines with bonus potential would tend to attract people into the Emporium from an already-bustling casino slots area.

"The bonuses are specialized, everyday types of gifts that customers would go and spend money for," Simons explained. "We wanted to give side benefits for playing a designated slot machine here."

The Emporium is all about the bonus. The slots are the same ones found throughout the casino.

"It’s more the type of bonus we offer that drives the play of the machine, not necessarily the game," Simon said. "We have had 18 winners since it opened (just over a month ago). "The response has been fabulous. Guests have been very favorable to it."

Again to simplify what Emporium is about, it’s managed like a retail business.

"We look at the performance and make modifications as needed," Simons noted. "We’re open 24 hours. It’s standard slot machines with the same pay tables only you get a bonus on top of these."

The one catch is that to qualify for winning the bonus, customers must have a Players Card and play max coin.

"Players insert their card into the penny slot and put in anywhere from five to 300 coins depending on the game," Simons stated. "The first night we had a customer win a $10,000 progressive and a necklace."

Palms rotates all the gifts and plans to keep the Emporium around forever.

"Yes, forever sounds very good to us," Simons said. "George (Maloof) approved it, saying it was the best idea he ever heard of. He loves this room."

And did George ask Simons about ways to upgrade the Sacramento Kings, the troubled NBA franchise the Maloof brothers have gallantly tried to save?

"No, we’re only focused on the casino, not the Kings," Simons said.