Angela Panzeri a loyal spin poker player at Texas Station

Jul 5, 2011 3:03 AM

GamingToday columnist and Stetson’s GM Brad Fredella mentioned last week the part location can play in how successful or not machines can be in a casino.

Well, here’s living proof in the lovely form of Angela Panzeri, loyal player and winner at Texas Station’s double-double spin poker.

"I prefer to play the machine right near the bingo area," said Panzeri, a native of Omaha, Neb. "It used to be over near the Starbucks, but I like where they moved it. I feel real comfortable here near the bingo, especially since I’ve had a lot of success here."

Panzeri became hooked on spin poker when she won $1,600 with just a $20 investment. She claims to regularly win at spin poker and won’t play anywhere else but Texas Station.

"It’s closest to my home and the place I love the most," Panzeri said. "I play spin poker about once a week, sometimes more depending on my financial situation."

Panzeri is like most video game players in that she will vary her choice of games, going back and forth depending on how she feels that day. So what may start out as double double poker could wind up at deuces wild or bonus poker.

"The most I’ll put in is about $40," she said. "If the machine is hot I’ll play for hours. Sometimes it may just be for 15 to 20 minutes. You always wonder if the machine is setup to hit, but I try to play the same one."

Panzeri is very aware of how Texas Station lays out its machines in the casino, believing those located near the bingo hall will get a lot of play and thus produce more profit than those over in a corner.

"I don’t play bingo and I am sure the casino would prefer you play the machines at the bar as opposed to sitting out here on the floor," Panzeri said. "But there’s too much commotion going on at bars and I think those machines are definitely set up tighter."

Time of day is another element Panzeri believes is key to a successful visit.

"For me usually night time is better," she said. "I come out when I have the chance, which is usually four to five times a week. I’ve found that the machines are hottest in the middle of the night between 10 p.m. and midnight."

As for spin poker, Panzeri said she first became interested in playing it about five years ago.

"I just found it exciting," Panzeri said. "Even though you only see three lines on the machine, you are actually playing 20. When I won the $1,600, I became addicted. Now I seek out the same machine every time I’m in here."