Star Trek: Battlestations video slot

Jul 12, 2011 3:02 AM

If you’re a Trekkie, and I have to admit I am, you are going to love the Star Trek: Battlestations video slot. I’ve played some of the other Star Trek slots and this is by far the most exciting.

First, you get to play two screens for the price of one, and if you have a row of wilds on the first screen it transfers to the second one. Then there are two bonus features during the regular game that can occur on either screen – the Transporting Wild, which turns a whole reel into wild symbols, and the Free Spin Bonus with three or four wild reels.

Last but not least is the Big Event, with no more than eight minutes between these communal bonus rounds guaranteed. Any time the community bonus triggers, eligible players will enter the bonus game to play together, each with their own "fleet" of up to five ships.

You’ll enter either the Rogue Ship Bonus, where credits awarded are multiplied by your entire fleet, or the Battle Bonus, where even a minimum bet player can get a shot at the progressive.

During the base play every time you get an Enterprise symbol it adds to the construction of a Federation ship for your fleet. A bar chart at the top of your screen lets you know how your ship construction is progressing. When you get a ship 100% completed you are presented with a screen of star fleet badges. Choose one and it reveals the ship you are adding to your fleet and the multiplier it is worth. The bigger the ship the larger the multiplier. Your ship then joins your fleet on the big screen.

During the Big Event Rogue Ship Bonus a battle ensues between the Federation and the Klingons. Your screen gives you targets in the Klingons fleet to fire on. Each enemy ship has a credit value and when you hit a ship you are awarded the credit value of that ship times the multiplier of your ship. Of course, Klingons get to fire back and you can lose a ship, but you keep firing until you’ve lost all your ships or the round is over. If you have any ships left they stay in your fleet until the next round.

I played my $20 at 40 cents a game. When the Big Event came I had one ship with a 3x multiplier, shot three enemy vessels before I lost my ship and ended with $6.40. I didn’t have a ship completed when the second Event hit, and I didn’t want that to happen again, so I increased my bet to 80 cents and was able to build my ships twice as fast. When the next event occurred I had three ships in my fleet, one a mother ship at 10x. I ended the battle with $43.65. Others were waiting to play so I moved on.