Gamerz looking for set standard for forming new CS:GO team

Gamerz looking for set standard for forming new CS:GO team

May 30, 2017 3:10 AM

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an incredibly popular video game pitting two teams against one another. It has become so sophisticated that there are professional organizations establishing teams, leagues, and even helping people bet on the competing teams. Gamerz is a new show that’s now setting the stage for how teams form, seeking to find the best players and get them together to compete as one of the premier CS:GO teams in the world.

For those who have little to no exposure or experience with this, it might seem odd that a video game series could spawn such interest, to the point of inspiring betting on it, but like most other competitive ventures, skill, experience, and strategy are all essential to becoming successful with this endeavor.

Gamerz Puts 12 Young Players Together

12 young gaming enthusiasts will be living together and divided into two teams. They will be coached by Oskar ‘ins’ Holm and Abdisamad ‘SpawN’ Mohamed and the goal is to see who is the best. What makes this reality show different from many others is that viewers will be able to play any of the roommates for a chance to replace them. If a viewer beats one of the contestants, they may be able to replace them on the program.

This will certainly ensure that there is no slacking off and that only the best of the best will be part of this campaign. It’s the first of its kind that’s attempting to build a strong team to compete. The ultimate goal here is to create an international team that can climb right to the top. For diehard fans, it’s also possible to place bets on the CS:GO gaming show, and the more you know about CS:GO and the players at the top of the competitive market, the easier it will be for you to place valued wager.

A press release about the new competition announced that, “The contestants will not only compete against each other. Those who do not perform can be challenged by talented viewers who then, if the viewer wins, can take the team member’s place.”

This takes interactive reality television to a new level and it’s creating quite a level of excitement among Counter Strike fans. This means that only the best players for CS:GO are going to make it to the end and it may not even be any of the original 12 competitors.

Not everyone is on board with the idea, though.

The goal is certainly ambitious, but not everyone believes this will have the impact the producers and creator hope it will. There are plenty of gamers out there vying for a chance to build a powerful team, and while talent certainly matters and even though experience is essential, the two are not always the best qualities to possess within a team.

Sometimes it’s about the way people work together that matters more than most other factors. For example, there are sites devoted to betting on which team is going to defeat the other in major competitions and there have been more than a few teams in recent months that have surprised even the most die-hard and enthusiastic fans of the game. Their teammates aren’t always the best (though it’s essential to have at least one or two members sitting at the top of their game), but they mesh well. They work together in symmetry. And when you’re in a race against the clock or an opponent, that’s what matters. It’s also critical that teammates know their roles, what’s expected of them, and who needs to take orders, lay back, and work toward the betterment of the ‘team.’

Lessons from real world competitions.

Whether you’re talking about real live sporting events or other competitions, one thing is certain: the more skilled, experienced, and talented some people are, the more difficult it becomes for some of them to take a secondary role in the competition. They often rely on their confidence, which can lead to strong egos, and that can complicate the working relationships among those, especially after living together for a while, competing against one another, and having to maintain a high level of confidence in one’s abilities to stay at the peak level of their performance.

For those who may not be completely familiar with Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it’s a high tech video game that pits two teams against one another. One team of six are the terrorists and the other team of six are the counter-terrorists. While the terrorists are attempting to plant and detonate a bomb and perform other tasks, the counter-terrorism team is fighting to stop them, and perform other tasks.

From a player perspective, it’s an immersive experience that requires precision skills, quick reflexes, and the ability to make strategic adjustments at a moment’s notice. It can often resemble some potential real-life scenarios, and with its fast-paced action and intensity, it has built a powerful and loyal fan base of players around the world.

This new reality show is certain to bring in a lot of attention and it will be interesting to see how the final six perform.

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