Castle Builder II: A New Generation of Casino Slots?

June 21, 2017 6:44 PM

Slot machines have not evolved too much in the more than a century that has passed since their invention. They have become more sophisticated, of course, with more reels, more win lines, and more elaborate side games and bonuses, yet their basics have remained the same - all their players have to do is feed them with credits, spin their reels, and hope for a win. Things might change a bit with Castle Builder II, an innovative slot machine set to be released worldwide in the second half of this year.

About the game

Thousands play the top online casino games at Vegas Palms, a Fortune Lounge online casino launched in 2000. Slot machines are the Vegas Palms' most attractive and popular games - this is probably the reason why the casino adds at least a handful of them to its game library. Yet these tend to become repetitive, especially at a casino like the Vegas Palms, with hundreds of Microgaming slot machines to offer. While all of them have their own themes, and some of them even come with innovative features, they are basically all the same. Not Castle Builder II, though. The game, built by Austrian developer Rabcat, shifts the focus away from mindlessly collecting coins. After all, winning money is far from being the ultimate goal of slot machine fans. Instead, it borrows a few elements from today's most popular social games - experience points, progression, player profiles - to turn it into something more.


Initially, players will be presented with a choice of two builder profiles, Sam and Mandy, each of them with their own perks and benefits. Sam, the experienced old timer, builds castles using fewer racks of materials, while Mandy comes with the added benefit of free spins. Next, players will be taken to the map to choose a kingdom, where they will be presented with several projects to build. Building the castles will be done by spinning the reels of a slot machine. As building materials land on a win line, they are added to a rack, and when a rack is complete, it will be used to build another section of the castle. Once the castle is complete, a prince - or princess - moves in, and his or her suitors arrive. Players will need to choose one of them - and choose them wisely, as each of them comes with a different bonus amount. During the game, players will gather experience points, unlock achievements, and various other perks. There are 15 kingdoms in the game, with 75 castles to build and over 300 characters to meet.


Castle Builder II is currently only available online at an Austrian online gambling portal, where it can be tried for fun or for real, with or without registering an account. It will be added to the Vegas Palms game library at a yet unspecified date in the second half of 2017.

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