Mobile browser gaming: a viable alternative to apps?

Mobile browser gaming: a viable alternative to apps?

September 13, 2017 10:39 AM

There’s no doubt about it: mobile technology has come a long way over the last decade, especially when it comes to gaming. That said, there is one element of modern smartphone technology that is still lacklustre, to say the least, and that is storage. You see, as mobiles have evolved so too have the games that we can play on them -  however, the amount of storage space built into current-day models simply cannot keep up with these technological progressions.

As smartphone users, you’re probably all aware of this and are probably inundated with storage related reminders and errors, something that can get really irritating if you’re halfway through a game or want to download a new app or game. This is why more and more mobile gamers are looking toward mobile browser gaming, which has recently become a much more viable option.

Sure, in the early days of internet-enabled mobiles web-based games were clunky and virtually impossible to play, but now many different platforms offer rich, high-quality gameplay to their consumers. The best part is you don’t even have to download anything and fill your smartphone’s limited storage space.

Nowadays, there are plenty of possibilities to choose from regarding mobile browser gaming, and we thought we’d take a look at just a few of them in this guide.

HTML5 Games

As far as web technology goes, HTML5 is relatively new. However, it is already set to replace Adobe’s Flash on gaming websites when the latter program disappears in 2020. This is because HTML5 is more than capable of displaying high-quality graphics, smooth animations and next-level gameplay in an immersive, functional package. All websites need to do is install web-based games coded in this particular language and they have an entire category of online games that could rival their app counterparts.

This is precisely what online gaming website FOG (Free Online Games) has done with their entire category dedicated entirely to HTML5-based titles for mobile browsers. We must admit that not every one of these HTML5 games is created equal, but overall the quality of most of these titles is astounding, and as most of them are free to play we’ve little to complain about.

Casino Games

For years now, online casino brands have continued to evolve and expand, offering their customers some of the best titles on the internet. As an incredibly successful industry, iGaming has always managed to stay at the forefront of technology so it was no surprise when casinos began offering their players app versions of their games. Some brands and countries leading the online casino march even created hub apps for the best national casinos. You can find the best mobile casino app reviews at

However, while apps are always a viable alternative, most online casinos continue to stick to their roots and offer their players mobile-friendly versions of their desktop websites - sometimes in addition to mobile apps. By employing software developers and programmers, online casino operators can ensure their customers experience the same great quality gameplay, services and bonuses whether they choose to play on desktop or on their smartphone browser using touch interface. Not only does this make the iGaming industry far more accessible, but also ensures that players can continue their game wherever they may be.

Retro Titles

Finally, anyone who is looking for great web-based mobile games definitely has to try the retro titles that first appeared on old consoles and in arcades. Not only are these games still incredibly fun, but as they are relatively primitive when compared to newer titles they are incredibly easy to play on mobile.

This is probably the main reason why many online gaming websites already have plenty of them installed, with titles such as Tetra, X-Type and Pacman appearing on the aforementioned site FOG. There are even old mobile phone games such as Snake that are now available online on sites like Helpful Sheep, updated with modern touch interface controls.

Sure, many of these games are also available in app form but as we said before: if you want to save storage space, then their mobile-browser equivalents are probably your best bet. Plus, there’s far more to be found on your web app than on the app store so you may even find something new! 

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