Player sues slot maker

Player sues slot maker

September 19, 2017 3:00 AM


A lawsuit in Australia alleging slot-maker Aristocrat’s Dolphin Treasure game has an oversized fifth reel, which has more symbols than the first four reels, reducing the chances of the symbols lining up and therefore decreasing a player’s chance of winning is now underway down under.

Aristocrat and James Packer’s Crown casino and hotel group are expected to be mired in the trial for the next three weeks over the popular slot machine

The plaintiff, former gambling addict Shonica Guy, claims the machine’s design, including its uneven spread of symbols and the fact that the final reel has more symbols than the rest, allegedly making losses seem like “near misses,” is deceptive and misleading to gamblers.

It also charged that losses are often disguised as wins through audio and visual “celebrations,” and the machine’s information about the theoretical rate of “return to player” is misleading.

Aristocrat argues its machines, like all slot-style machines in Australia, were subject to “strict controls” and multiple laws containing consumer-protection and harm-minimization measures.