Century Gaming Technology sets tone for power slots

Century Gaming Technology sets tone for power slots

October 03, 2017 3:00 AM


Century Gaming Technologies is a company with deep roots in the neighborhood gaming market. As a local route operator, they have been suppliers of gaming devices and game management systems to limited-license bars, taverns and convenience stores in Nevada over the past 50-plus years under various names.

After many years of manufacturing proprietary gaming machines for their route, Century Gaming Technologies decided it was time to introduce a new, more powerful gaming device. The basic premise was a simple one – to design a machine specifically for local players. They wanted to build a machine to cater to their niche, which has always been the local neighborhood gaming market. Power Vision was brought to Nevada a year later as the first machine truly developed for locals, by locals.

The game of choice among most Nevada players is video poker, so that’s where the first focus was placed. Popular video poker themes from other manufacturers were incorporated into the Power Vision game mix with one important paytable twist – a 10th coin bonus payback on the royal flush paying 1,000 for 1 instead of the typical 800 for 1. After that improvement, proprietary game themes Fever Aces, Hot Quads and Cash Draw were added, then finally multi-deck versions of the most popular poker titles. With Fever Aces outperforming even core poker games like Double Double and the enhanced paybacks for 10-coin bettors, Power Vision poker has been a hit with savvy video poker enthusiasts since day one.

The next task was to tackle video keno, which is where Century saw some of the biggest room for improvement. By taking popular titles from Grand Vision Gaming’s huge keno library and reworking the math for the Nevada market, Power Vision came out with keno games offering incredible graphics and slot-like bonus rounds unlike anything the state had ever seen. The result was nothing short of astounding approval from players, with unique titles like Ancient Thunder, 20-Card Ultimate Classic and the patented 3-Card Jump Start keno games leading the pack.

Although slots have never been a big part of the local gaming market in restricted license locations throughout Nevada, the development crew at Century believed the unenticing slot content offered on other bartop machines was largely responsible for this lackluster slot performance. In an unprecedented deal, Century partnered with Aristocrat to offer their incredibly popular Buffalo, Miss Kitty and Five Dragons slot themes on the Power Vision cabinet in bars, taverns, and convenience stores. Adding a few other Grand Vision Gaming titles rounded out the slot offering and skyrocketed the amount of slot play in locations where Power Vision was offered. All of a sudden instead of just moving play from other machines, Power Vision was drawing new slot players in the door.

Fast forward to today, where in 2017 Century Gaming Technologies acquired Grand Vision Gaming. The combined company has continued developing Power Vision into a true powerhouse machine, both for Nevada and for the other jurisdictions where they do business – Montana, Louisiana, South Dakota and West Virginia.

The Nevada version of the game has become so popular with players and operators alike that Century is rolling out a casino version of the game in various cabinet versions, including their newest Signature Series model and their incredibly popular bartop machine.

From the humble beginnings of a niche gaming product, Power Vision has come full-circle into the mainstream gaming market. Finally there’s another true contender in the multi-game poker, keno and slot space, and it’s one with a 5-year long proven track record of success in the local neighborhood Nevada gaming market. If it’s even half as successful in casinos, it’ll be another home-run for Century and their customers alike.

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