Key considerations when choosing a free spins bonus

October 11, 2017 10:52 AM

Free spins remain the most popular type of online casino bonus, but do you really know how to weight up the pros and cons of different offers? You shouldn’t necessarily just make your decision based solely on the size of the free spins bundle or the appeal of the game to which the spins are attached. There’s a little more to it than that, so I thought I break the key considerations down into four different categories.

Do You Need to Deposit?

All players should be familiar with this consideration. Indeed, if you ask most to name the ‘two different types of free spins’, they’d probably say ‘no deposit free spins’ and ‘deposit free spins’. There’s a clear distinction here, and it’s handily explained in the respective names. You need to make a deposit (ie a payment into your casino account) to secure deposit free spins, but there’s no such obligation attached to no deposit free spins.

How Many Free Spins Are You Getting?

Ok, so I’ve already made it clear that you shouldn’t make a decision based solely on the number of free spins included in a bundle. However, for most players, size does matter – and rightly so. Some offers give you 10 free spins, others give you 200. The more you get, the longer you’ll play. However, to understand whether the bigger bundle really is better, you need to weigh it up against other features of the bundle – including whether you have to deposit to trigger the bonus or otherwise.

How Much is Each Free Spin Worth?

Now we’re getting into less obvious territory. Most casino free spins are pegged at the lowest stake level. This means that you can only bet the minimum permitted amount on a designated game when using your freebies. That will typically be something like 10p/€0.10 or 25p/€0.25, depending on the game. This limits your chances of winning significant amounts, which puts a lot of players off. However, some canny online casinos have now introduced the concept of higher value free spins to appease the more serious players.

What Are the Wagering Requirements?

Too many players look at the size of the bundle and whether they need to deposit or not, without giving enough thought to wagering requirements. These are your biggest barriers to winning big with your free spins. They dictate that you have to ‘play through’ (ie wager) any winnings generated from them lots of times before you can withdraw your cash. If your free spins are subject to x30 wagering requirements and you win £20, you’d have to make £600 (30 x £20) worth of bets with that money before you can withdraw what’s left. In other words, you need to get on one hell of a roll to win anything. Guess what though? Some online casinos have started disposing of wagering requirements too. Casino Free

How to Judge a Free Spins Offer

So, if you’re looking for the best casino free spins offer, then you will want the perfect mix of all these considerations. Ideally, you’re after a big bundle of no deposit, high value free spins with no wagering requirements in other words! The reality is a bit different. You’re unlikely to get everything you want, so your choices will depend largely on personal preference.

Which Free Spins Bonus Is Best For You?

If you are trialling new casinos or games, then it’s a good idea to use some no deposit free spins first. If you just want to have a big old gaming session, choose the big bundle. Should you want to win above all else, no matter the size of that win, then we strong recommend that you plump for a bonus without wagering requirements or higher value free spins.

Some online casinos do offer a nice mix of some of these considerations, which is the ultimate goal. You can certainly get bundles of no deposit free spins without wagering requirements, but they are likely to be smaller in size and pegged at the lowest value. On the other hand, you can get good sized bundles of high value free spins but you’re likely need to deposit to get them. Shop around and look for the best deal for you. But most importantly, play responsibly and view casino free spins as a means to try casinos and games for free first and foremost. That’s a bonus enough in itself.

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