The evolution of pokies from past to present

January 22, 2018 10:05 AM

In Australia, they use the term pokie to refer to fruits. Since most slots use fruit icons, many people adapted the slang pokies to refer to slots. With the introduction of online gaming, it was only a matter of time before the Australian slang online pokies took center stage. Since the games went digital the term stopped being exclusive to slots and currently the coined phrase includes digital poker and gamblers in general.

Traditional pokies

Pokies are games which require players to push a button or pull a lever to operate. This, in turn, causes a reel to spin and stop to display a set of symbols. A matching combination of these sets of symbols win the player a payout.  The payout is also predetermined by the multiplier value of the original spin bet. While the world has currently embraced modern forms of pokies some are manual. These manual pokies miss out on the digital display that current models have but offer a host of additional features.

Digital pokies

As mentioned before, the term pokies also refers to many forms of digital poker games. In this regard, the phrase is often used in reference to video poker machines. This is a game where the player wagers their draw against a computers random generated hand. The player has the same choices as in a regular poker game. The player can choose to draw or hold any of the cards they currently have. They do all this with a final aim of getting a winning hand from their final five cards. Modern video slots also fall under the digital pokies category. Different forms of pokies have different odds for payouts and the terms of payouts vary from pokie to pokie.  Apart from few negligible differences, the general concept of the digital game is the same no matter where you play. If you do feel like exploring this form of pokies give online casino Australia a try. They have very favorable conditions and their multiplying odds are highly satisfiable.

Mobile Applications

With technological advancement, the field of online pokies went further and introduced mobile pokies applications. These are tailored to suit the needs of any gambler on their phone. They incorporate the same interface present in casinos and online casinos. These easy to use gambling platforms pack good graphics, a host of offers such as free spins and cash bonuses. The combination of all these factors makes it an enjoyable experience of the gambler when compared to the traditional pokie machines.

The past gave us two of the most famous pokies which were the fruit machine and one-arm bandit. They are not as popular now but modern slot machines (pokies) are available across most mobile platforms. These mobile versions are popular with players as they have a low multiplying odds but offer big payouts. These big payouts are ideal for players as the chances of getting a good return on your stakes is welcoming to anyone. The two games allow the player to make a lot of decisions which makes it more interesting to play. Most forms of online pokies have incorporated the aspect of a fast pace decision system which results in both small and big payout totals for all players. The continued transition of online pokies has been good and is sure to keep us playing for years to come.

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