News is in and slots are hot

News is in and slots are hot

February 13, 2018 3:01 AM


News is in and slots are hot. In fact, slot games now account for around 70% of a casino’s income. This both online and offline.

Slots in Las Vegas

There is no city with the hots for slots like Las Vegas, Nevada. Located in the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is the ultimate sin city. In 1906 Golden Gate Hotel became the first casino-hotel to open in Las Vegas.  Licensing casinos did not happen until 1931. Thanks to a failed prohibition era and the allure of bright lights Las Vegas became the first gambling destination. Fast forward to today and there are now over 1700 places to gamble in the city.

Annual gaming revenue in Las Vegas is $9 billion. This is made up from all the different gambling options provided by casinos. Slots are a hot favourite with around 200,000 slots located in Las Vegas. According to a Nevada revenue report from March 2015-February 2016 the total gaming win from slots was $7 billion. Table games make up around $4 billion.

Slots Online

Online gamblers also have the hots for slots. Outside of gambling destinations like Las Vegas, slot games are popular online. Why? Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos can offer bigger and better opportunities. This is because they do not have limited spaces like land-based casinos. Meaning that they can offer a wider selection of games to players. Players can also easily filter slot games by most popular slot games, movie slots, volatile slots and more. This means they can find the perfect slot game for them.

Another reason slots are so hot online is their accessibility. Available on most mobile devices, players simply need a Wi-Fi or data connection. 24 hour slots access from the comfort of your own home in the palm of your hand.


How to choose an online slot game?

With plenty of slots to choose from, how’s a guy or gal to choose? Luckily land-based and online casinos have made it simple. No matter what your skill or expertise level.

 For online players, finding the perfect slot couldn’t be more simple. Huge slot collections can be whittled down, by using the casino site’s in-built filtering options. Common filtering options include most popular, by provider, and by jackpot.

For your ultimate convenience, we have created our own slots guide here.

  1. Slots of choice

With more than one type of slot available, players can try out a few types. Online and land based casinos will usually have fruit slots, video slots, progressive jackpot slots and, more.

Fruit (Classic slots) are based on the old school one-armed bandit machines. For new players this is the easiest type of slot to play. More experienced won’t like classic slots as they offer less bonus features.

Video slots are like the next level slot from classic slots. They offer the best of slot machines with more exciting gameplay. Juicy bonuses and bumper bonus features are what make video slots great.

  1. Slots of money

People play slots for two reasons: for fun or for money. Players looking for slots with the biggest pay-outs should check out progressive jackpots.

How do progressive jackpots work? Progressive jackpots increase by a % of each wager every time the game associated is played. This prize money rolls over (similar to a lottery roll over) until it is won.

Biggest progressive slot win: The largest progressive jackpot win so far happened in Las Vegas. In 2003, one lucky guy took home $39.7 million. Not too bad for a $100 play on Megabucks slot game in the Excalibur.

Warning for online players: While progressive jackpots offer up huge cash prizes, they have the most strings attached. Avoid the jackpot trap and always read the wagering requirements.

  1. Slots of fun

Slot games are one of the most entertaining online casino games available. This is because they are packed full of special features. Superhero and cult movie fans will be especially pleased. How do they work? Movie based slot games are just branded video slots. Symbols, bonus features and games will have been given a movie-style twist.

Top Movie and T.V. show based slots: Mainly found online, Blockbuster movies Batman, Rocky and, Grease all have their own slot games. Cult television shows Game of Thrones, American Dad, and CSI have also been given the slot treatment. 

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