Online Casino Gambling – Safer Than Land-Based Casino Gambling?

Online Casino Gambling – Safer Than Land-Based Casino Gambling?

June 28, 2018 9:27 AM


Since the advent of online casino gambling, gaming experts have been at odds over which one (online or land-based casino) is safer for the gambler. Of course, lobbyist for and owners of land-based casinos have tried to convince people that online operations will do all they can do to cheat people out of their money. Simply put, that’s ridiculous when we look at how online casinos operate and how they are regulated. To prove the point, we will discuss four reasons why online casinos offer a safer gaming environment for players

1. Controlling Gambling Behavior – In a land-based casino, patrons are seldom asked to provide proof of identification. A player sits down in front of a slot machine, gets access to free alcoholic beverages and starts wailing away at the games. If they run out of money, the player can simply go to the cashier or an ATM machine and get more money. Sound safe? At home, you certainly have easy access to top online casino sites. However, online sites are heavily regulated by regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission. The deposit and wagering limits are much more stringent and online casinos put forth a greater effort towards making sure players don’t exhibit traits common among problem gamblers.

2. Ability to Self-Exclude  – Problems gamblers need protection from themselves. In a land-based casino, it’s near impossible for all the casino staffers to recognize players who have asked to be excluded from the premises. Also an exclusion agreement with one land-based casino is only applicable to that casino. In the online world, players can ask for exclusion on a permanent basis. The exclusion can even be enforced across all casinos within the same jurisdiction. Given the security measures used for deposits and withdrawals, online players face a taller task trying to use fake identifications.

3. ID Checks – All casinos need to be wary of underage gambling. In a land-based casino, players are only required to show one form of government ID unless they win a large sum. Many times, players are not asked to prove anything prior to sitting down at a table or making a sports bet. In an online environment, players are required to provide documents that prove age, taxpayer ID number support and even utility bills to confirm country/area of residence. Any attempt to withdrawal large sums could require even more forms of ID support.

4. Game Information – Most land-based casinos choose to not share game odds with its players. When a player steps up to a slot machine or gaming table, they may be doing so without any idea of their chances of winning. Most online casinos take the opposite approach. They often provide ”Return to Player” (RTP) percentages within the game summaries listed on the website. In some jurisdictions, the casino is required by law to provide such information.

Consistently, it appears online sports books and casinos seem to have more safeguards in place to protect the players. Land-based casinos are fine, but online sites like Karamba are better-suited for players who want extra protection from issues.

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