Seven myths of online gambling

January 18, 2019 3:00 AM


Seven myths of online gamblingIt is funny how quickly a widely held belief can take hold without any factual backing. The world of online gambling is not exempt to this phenomenon and there are currently quite a few “stories” doing the rounds. We have dug up the most popular gambling myths and aim to debunk them once and for all.

1.    Online gambling is illegal

Online gambling from a player’s point of view is perfectly legal if a) the jurisdiction you are located allows gambling online b) You are of legal age to play in that particular casino, c) Wagers are placed via lawful payment methods and d) You are not betting on live in-game sporting events, either online or telephonically. Online casino operators on the other hand are the ones that need to be wary of legal restrictions surrounding the way they advertise their website and accept punter’s wagers. The easiest way to check if you are involved with a casino that follows the rules is to check out their licence certification and policies, which should always be displayed on their site.

2.    Online Gambling is not secure

When engaging with a reputable online casino, which is a business just like any other online company you would normally entrust your funds to, you can rest assured that your money and information is safe. To illustrate this, some of the security measures casinos have to implement are Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryptions and firewalls as typically used by banks. Essentially this means that after your financial information has been entered it is scrambled and effectively becomes inaccessible to any other party. This is why you are requested to provide a password and other personal data by the time you want to make a transaction, as this is the only way to decode the information stored on the casino’s server. In addition to this, licensed casinos are subject to 3rd party audits by the likes of Price Waterhouse Coopers on an annual basis to ensure best practice.

3.    Online casino games are rigged

This could not be further from the truth. Casinos, and we reiterate – licensed and reputable casinos – go to extreme lengths to ensure your gaming experience is enjoyable, fair and profitable. The success of their business depends on it. All games are strictly audited and controlled and contain a Random Number Generator (RNG) tool that guarantees a completely random and unbiased outcome without exception.

4.    Online Casinos don’t pay

This is a common misconception from players who undoubtedly got their fingers burnt while playing at a dodgy, unlicensed casino. Payout terms are very clearly stipulated on the casino’s website and players must ensure they understand the rules before signing up. They will then know that the casino has every right to refuse payment, but only in cases where security has been breached, fraud is suspected or the player violated their terms. Otherwise there is no problem whatsoever. 

5.    You have to place big bets to win

One only has to scroll through the offers available at the various top online casinos to see that this is a fallacy. These casinos cater to low and hi rollers alike and have tailored their games and bonus packages with players on a budget well in mind.

6.    Online Gambling is more addictive than going to a land based casino

The notion that the convenience of online gambling lends to it being more addictive than physically visiting a casino has no scientific support. It comes down to taking personal accountability, and in that respect online casinos have monitoring mechanisms in place to curb irresponsible behaviour that land based casinos do not have. For example, players can set their betting or deposit limits or even ban themselves from a casino for a while to prevent them from spending beyond their means.

7.    You are required to download large amounts of software that can put your computer at risk

We can debunk this myth on 3 fronts:

•    Casino software is compact and downloads easily. The manufacturers have designed it purposefully for this reason so as not to put your pc at risk.

•    You have the option to play without installing any software by simply logging straight into the casino’s URL from your browser. Albeit your options may be slightly more limited.

•    You can avoid using your computer altogether and play a variety of games directly from your mobile device.

We trust we have eased any fears or reservations you may have when it comes to online gambling. Ultimately the act of safeguarding your experience is your responsibility, and we urge you to go into any transaction with your eyes wide open. To this end we have taken the hassle out of searching for a secure and regulated casino, and compiled a list of top reputable Canadian casinos online you can browse through at your leisure with perfect ease of mind.

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