Can you really make money gambling online?

Can you really make money gambling online?

January 23, 2019 3:01 AM


It has been a question that has risen it’s head ever since gambling online became a ‘thing’. There have been plenty of detractors over the years that simply won't entertain the idea of online gambling, and these people tend to fall into one of two categories, those that don’t like to do anything online that they can do in their high street, and another group that have a particular issue with online betting and it’s ‘fairness’. When you can’t see the roulette table, or your opponents celebrating their wins (as you would in real life), it is easy to imagine that the deck has been stacked against you.

The reality, however, is that the gambling industry is now amongst the most heavily regulated in the world, and as as such, unscrupulous sites and scams are taken down with increasingly impressive speed, leaving the gambling fan with a more trustworthy and easily accessible playground to have fun in, and hopefully take away some winnings! But how is it that some people seem to make a lot of money from online betting, while others don’t?  Is it purely a matter of luck, or are there some things that can be done to increase your chances of winning?

There are many different ways to bet online, many different things to bet on, and many different strategies to employee, and each can be very different depending on what particular facet of gambling you are trying to make money on. Betting on sports, for example, can be more lucrative for those with knowledge about the particular sport, but you don’t always have to be an expert to warrant having a bet on the horses, and equally you don’t have to know every strategy for roulette to increase your chances of winning at a casino. There are a few surefire tips though, that if adhered to, should put you in the best position possible to make some cash!



When it comes to betting on sports, the best strategy is to at least familiarize yourself with the sport you are gambling on. As stated before, you don’t need to be an expert, but knowing that Team A are fighting for their lives and about to be relegated, while their opponents Team B are sitting mid table with nothing much to play for, could mean the difference between betting on a team that have no impetus, and one that are about to play the most important game of their careers. What might look like a ‘dead cert’ on paper, is actually a lot more complicated than it looks on the face of things.

If you like betting on a sport that you don’t know much about, do yourself a favour and subscribe to a few social media accounts that cover the topic, or frequent the odd website that discusses these sports. You never know when a little knowledge about an injured defender may turn out to be all you need to know when placing your bets. Knowing a little is always better than knowing nothing. Studying other online strategy guides is also a good idea, as the experts can give you an overview of a sport like football, and point in the direction of the most lucrative bet to make.


Casino Games

When it comes to casino games, rather than ‘form’ being of much relevance, it is your maths skills you need to brush up on, and in particular your grasp of odds. There are more than a few tactics to employ in casinos, and one easy game to start with is roulette.

Rather than simply placing all your money on red 22, you would be much better off starting with bets on either odds or evens, black or red. You chances of winning are much higher, obviously, even if your profits are likely to be much lower. If you add what is known as the “Martingale Strategy” to this, you can slowly build a tidy profit, without stressing out over large bets.

In essence, the Martingale Strategy involves doubling up on a losing bet until you win. For example, if you bet $10 on black, and the ball lands on red, simply bet $20 on black again. If you lose again, bet $40 on black.  Eventually black will win, and you should recoup your losses and earn a little more in the long run. Obviously, you still need to be lucky, but at least this way, the chances of you being lucky are quite high in comparison to praying that number 22 comes good.

It is also worth noting that many online casino offer sign up bonuses for new customers. With offers like Winner promo code offering substantial amounts of money in free bets, it is well worth looking around for some deals before simply playing at the first online casino you find.


The main thing to remember, is to have fun

Yes, you can make money gambling, and yes you can use certain tactics to increase your chances when you bet, but never lose sight of what drew you to betting in the first place. The experience should be fun, and as such, never bet more than you can afford to lose. After all, gambling is not an exact science, which is part of the attraction in the first place. Study the field you want to bet in, employ a strategy, and enjoy yourself.

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