Konami introduces new games

Konami introduces new games

March 06, 2019 3:00 AM


Konami Gaming, Inc. has announced a series of the latest games and systems technology releases arriving to the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Tradeshow and Convention in San Diego on April 3 -4.

This year’s event marks the release of the company’s all-new KX 43 slot cabinet, delivering a uniquely “Konami” experience across its 43-inch 4K Ultra HD display with a robust debut game library. 

Showcasing several new integrated jackpot games from Dragon’s Law Rapid Fever to Hao Hun Lai, Konami’s popular Concerto Opus machine is also featuring 4K entertainment at NIGA 2019, but in a 65-inch format for super-sized enjoyment by players and pairs. 

Throughout the two-day event, Konami’s SYNKROS casino management system is operating live for on-the-spot demos of the latest tools and features, including award-winning mobile products such as SynkConnect and Synkdot. 

An estimated 6,000 casino executives and tribal leaders have the opportunity experience these releases and more. 

“From systems to slots, Konami is delivering its newest and most promising developments to the 2019 Indian Gaming Show to share with some of the industry’s top representatives and professionals,” said Casey Whalen, vice president, North American game sales.“ Tribal operators were among our very first customers when Konami Gaming was founded, and we actively affirm the importance and influence of Indian Gaming in the way we choose to do business and develop new product.”  

Guests at this year’s Indian Gaming show will experience the largest lineup of KX 43 games shown to date. The cabinet’s market release coincides with the event, showcasing seven unique debut titles available now for placement. This includes games from the new Reels Up Series, like “Vegas Rise” and “Mayan Times,” as well as “Diamond-izer,”  “Treasure Ball,” and Konami’s popular Triple Sparkle Series. 

NIGA 2019 also features the premiere of a new “Strike Zone” game in 4K Ultra HD called “Hao Yun Lai,” which is set for release this summer alongside “Ba Fang Jin Bao,” “Dragon’s Law Rapid Fever,” “Dragon’s Law Boosted,” and “Chili Chili Fire Boosted Wins and Wilds.”

“The level of creativity, energy, resources, and attention that has been invested into KX 43’s game launch library is truly groundbreaking for Konami. More importantly, it aligns operators for the greatest success with the latest entertainment,” Whalen said. “From popular brand extensions to original jackpot mechanics, KX 43 offers an outstanding game library for players and operators to choose from.”  

Konami’s big screen Opus machine is another key centerpiece of this year’s event. Following strong launch results for the cabinet’s debut Triple Sparkle series, Opus arrives to the 2019 Indian Gaming show with an array of games designed to deliver big entertainment value. Konami’s “SeleXion” multi-game technology and “Dragon’s Law” series even come together for an entirely new “Dragon’s Law Opus SeleXion” pack in 4K Ultra HD. 

“Each slot cabinet in our Concerto collection, from the Opus to standard upright, demonstrates outstanding depth and quality content for attendees to experience first-hand,” Whalen said. “This product line is responsible for the several of the industry’s most popular games nationwide and Konami will continue to innovate the Concerto library to serve properties’ needs.” 

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