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FOX Bet is the result of a partnership between FOX Sports and The Stars Group. It gives bettors access to a sports betting platform with FOX Sports personalities who give their inputs about which bets seem worthwhile.

Bettors who like having faces and personalities attached to their sportsbooks are likely to appreciate the FOX Bet app. The sportsbook company also does a great job engaging its bettors on social media.

Below, we provide a FOX Bet promo code and an in-depth look at how FOX Bet fits into the sports betting industry. 

FOX Bet Promo Code For December 2021 Grade (4/5)

FOX Bet Bonus Promo CodeClaim Here
Type of Bonus$500 Risk-Free Bet
Terms and Conditions- New customers must opt-into the risk-free offer within 7 days of registration
- Customers must place bet within 7 days to qualify for offer after opting-in
- Additional terms and conditions apply; be sure to read before participating.
States Available InCO, MI, NJ, PN
Promo Code Verified ForDecember 2021

Terms & conditions apply.

FOX Bet offers new bettors a $500 risk-free bet, which can be claimed using our promo code during the registration process. Once bettors create and verify their accounts, they have to find the opt-in option. It’s at the top of the app when bettors log in. Once bettors hit the opt-in button, they can place their first bets. The odds must be between -200 and +500 to qualify for the risk-free bet.

There are many FOX Bet sportsbook promotions, too. These promos include smaller risk-free bets that bettors can earn when they place risky bets. Bettors can also find cash bonuses on parlays with four or more legs.

Interested bettors can find FOX Bet’s full list of deals in the promotions section of the app. It’s in a little corner on the top of the app. It’s tricky to find, but committed bettors will find that sucker. 

FOX Bet Online Sportsbook Features Grade (4/5)

FOX Bet offers several features that make the app easy to get around, interesting to use, and of course, simple to bet. Bettors will find the navigational tabs at the bottom of the screen. These tabs will take bettors to the most important sections of the sportsbook, including: 

  • A-Z List of Sports 
  • Bet Slip 
  • Online Casino
  • Rewards
  • Poker
  • Casino Races

The FOX Bet Sportsbook betting markets offer bettors mainstream sports and some less popular sports. Australian rules football isn’t for everyone, but it does keep sports betting lines open and available for live betting. 

There are a few different kinds of bets that bettors can find on the app, too. Bettors will find standard game lines, like moneylines, point spreads, and over/unders. There are also futures bets where bettors can wager on the outcome of entire championships.

That’ll be great for bettors who are confident from a season’s outset. However, players can also create their own parlay bets. These are risky bets that require each leg of the bet to come through to win. They’re hard to win, but parlays are available for enterprising bettors. 

Finally, FOX Bet has a few navigational tricks at the top of the screen that will allow bettors to access the most popular sports and leagues on the app. There’s a slide bar that includes shortcuts to the NFL, MLB, and the entire soccer category. Up here, bettors will also find access to the promotions and live betting pages.

It’s puzzling why these features are tucked all the way up there, though. Live betting should be front and center for sportsbooks, since it’s the most popular page.

Quality Of The Lines At FOX Bet Sportsbook Grade (4.5/5)

The FOX Bet lines that bettors will see on the app or website are competitive compared to the others on the market. For example, FOX Bet had lines on a college football match between Iowa State and Baylor. Compared to DraftKings and FanDuel, FOX Bet came out looking pretty good on Baylor odds: 

 Iowa StateBaylorVig
FOX Bet-275+2353.2%

For bettors who are unfamiliar with it, the vig is the hidden cost that sportsbooks tuck into every line. Instead of charging a transaction cost, oddsmakers can tweak the odds so that instead of perfectly fair odds, sportsbooks offer bettors skewed odds that ensure sportsbooks profit over time. The vig represents the cost that bettors pay in this roundabout way. The lower the vig, the better the odds, and vice versa. 

In the example above, FOX Bet has the lowest vig out of the three sportsbooks. So, it has room to stretch its odds in both directions to offer better value on both sides of the line. It matches FanDuel at the top of the market for underdog odds and manages to stretch halfway between DraftKings and FanDuel on the favorite’s side of the line. That low vig means less profit for FOX Bet on this line and better odds for bettors.   

However, FOX Bet, DraftKings, and FanDuel won’t have this relationship every time. FOX Bet will make its money with a higher vig on a different set of lines, and DraftKings and FanDuel will offer bettors improved odds elsewhere, too. So, diligent bettors will have to hunt for the best odds on every line. They’ll just have to make sure they include FOX Bet on their list of must-check sportsbooks. 

FOX Bet Sportsbook App Grade (4/5)

The FOX Bet mobile betting apps and its website offer bettors everything they need to place sports bets. However, access to critical pages like the promotions page is hidden in the scroll bar above the home page’s betting lines. The app and website feel overcrowded, and the apps have noticeable lags. However, they’re reliable and stable enough to accept bets. 

FOX Bet iOS App 

FOX Bet’s iOS app is optimized for both iPhones and iPads, which is something that even DraftKings’ app, as of this writing, cannot boast about. It’s available on the App Store, so it’s easy to find. Aside from some awkward page reloads and the incessant push notifications permissions pop-up, FOX Bet’s mobile betting app is a strong sportsbook app.  

FOX Bet Android App 

FOX Bet’s Android app is available on the Google Play Store, which is great news for bettors with Android devices. However, bettors can still download the Android app from FOX Bet’s website and receiving the download prompt, too. Like the iOS app, its push notifications permissions pop-up is pushy. But it’s a reasonably stable mobile betting app if a little laggy. 

FOX Bet Sportsbook Site

FOX Bet’s sportsbook site is available on any desktop, laptop, or another device that can visit the website. The website looks the best out of the three available methods. However, it’s not as convenient as the apps are now that FOX Bet has phased the state-specific apps out in favor of one master app. 

How To Download The FOX Bet App Grade (4/5)

Finding the FOX Bet app is one of the easiest parts of betting at FOX Bet. FOX Bet updated its apps so that there’s one app for all states instead of different apps for each state. As long as bettors are in a state where FOX Bet is legal, they can:

  • Download the iOS app from the App Store
  • Download the Android app from the Google Play Store
  • Visit the FOX Bet website and register and bet from there 

Once bettors have the app or website on their devices, they must create their accounts. It’s mostly like signing up for any other online account. However, each bettor must provide part of their Social Security number during the registration process. This can put some bettors off, but sportsbooks must comply with strict customer identification rules. Sportsbooks risk their licenses if they award winnings to prohibited bettors, so they must collect identifying information from their bettors. During registration, bettors will also be able to enter their FOX Bet promo codes to redeem our bonus offer.

Once that’s all done, bettors can make their first deposits. Bettors just have to select one of FOX Bet’s deposit methods, enter the amount they’d like to deposit, and then confirm the transaction. Deposited funds are available immediately, so bettors can start betting immediately, too. Bettors just have to click on the odds they’d like to wager on, enter a bet amount, and confirm.

If a bettor wins, they can withdraw their winnings from the same area of the app as they made their deposits. However, withdrawals take several business days to process. But what’s a few day’s wait after a big win, right? 

Availability Of The FOX Bet App Grade (3/5)

The FOX Bet app is only available in four states with two new ones on the way. That’s only a fraction of the markets that sportsbook market leaders, DraftKings and FanDuel, have penetrated. However, FOX Bet has limited itself to the most competitive sports betting markets in the United States. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are the two leading sports betting markets in the United States, challenging Nevada’s long-held dominance in sports betting. 

However, Michigan and Colorado have robust iGaming industries, too. Michigan has a thriving online casino market while Colorado had one of the earliest and most permissive sports betting industries in the United States. (Colorado was an early favorite sports betting market before the rest of the country caught up to sports betting legalization.)

FOX Bet Colorado was one of the earliest sportsbooks to launch when sports betting went live in May 2020. It was also one of the most polished sportsbook apps in its earliest days. However, FOX Bet seems to have ended its aggressive expansion and has instead focused on key markets instead of trying to compete in every state. FOX Bet New Jersey is in a $1 billion sports betting market, so it makes sense to focus resources there instead of, for example, New York.

FOX Bet Casino App 

FOX Bet’s online casino is integrated into its sportsbook app. So, bettors can access it as long as they’re in a state that allows online casinos. These states include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Colorado does not currently allow online casino gambling.

So, even though FOX Bet Colorado has an online casino tab, Colorado bettors cannot play any of the online casino games. Unless they’re willing to hop on a Southwest flight and head to a state that allows FOX Bet online casino, that is.

Even though FOX Bet has integrated its sportsbook and online casino into one app, the sportsbook will still likely see the most action as FOX Bet expands. For example, FOX Bet Indiana will include the online casino in the app. But Indiana bettors won’t be able to use it, because Indiana hasn’t legalized online casinos.

But online casinos are bigger moneymakers than sportsbooks. So, FOX Bet will keep its online casino handy for the states that might allow it soon. 

FOX Bet Review – Overall Score Grade (3.9/5)

Our FOX Bet Sportsbook review found that FOX Bet is a good sportsbook choice for bettors who have access to it. It’s a solid app that’s easy to find and easy to use. There are some navigational, display, and performance improvements that FOX Bet could make.

But it’s a safe and competitive app that stands up to the rest of the market. It just needs to be available in more markets to break into the upper echelon of American sportsbooks. 

Why You’ll Like It: 

  • Low Vig 
  • FOX Sports Personalities 
  • Social Media Engagement

What Could Be Improved:

  • Market Availability 
  • App Design 
  • Navigational Clarity 

FOX Bet App Review 

Deposit And Withdrawal 

Deposit Methods: 

  • Visa & MasterCard – These are the two most common credit and debit cards accepted by sportsbooks. 
  • Bank Transfer – While many bank transfers go through, some banks still block transfers made to gambling companies. It’s a good idea to have a backup deposit option. 
  • PayPal – PayPal is one of the most convenient ways to keep betting money separate from personal money. 
  • Skrill – Skrill is another online wallet that’s good for bettors who are exchanging currencies. 
  • PayNearMe – PayNearMe users can make cash deposits at participating 7-11s. 
  • Vanilla Direct – Vanilla Direct generates a barcode that allows bettors to pay cash. 

Withdrawal Methods: 

  • Bank Transfer – This is a good way for bettors to get their winnings directly into their accounts, especially after the business days withdrawals take to process. 
  • PayPal – PayPal is a convenient holding pen for mixed personal and gaming funds. 
  • Skrill – Skrill is the best option if bettors need to convert dollars into a different currency. 

FOX Bet Customer Support 

FOX Bet offers a comprehensive help section, complete with FAQs. However, bettors can also find a phone number, email, and a messaging portal for bettors who need assistance. Whatever bettors are having a hard time with, FOX Bet has the resources to address bettors’ needs. 

FOX Bet Licensing 

  • Colorado – The Colorado Gaming Commission awards licenses and enforces the state’s gambling regulations. FOX Bet is partnered with Lady Luck Casino in Black Hawk. There’s no FOX Bet retail sportsbook, but the app is available statewide.  
  • Michigan – The Michigan Gaming Control Board is in charge of regulating the state’s gambling industry. In Michigan, FOX Bet is partnered with Odawa Casino. FOX Bet’s online sportsbook and online casino are both available throughout Michigan. 
  • New Jersey – New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement oversees one of the largest iGaming industries in the United States. FOX Bet is partnered with Resorts Atlantic City. However, FOX Bet is only available online in New Jersey. There’s no retail FOX Bet location in this state, either. 
  • Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania’s Gaming Control Board is the overseer of Pennsylvania’s sprawling gambling industry. FOX Bet fits right into this competitive iGaming industry and partnered with Mount Airy Casino to compete in Pennsylvania. Like the other states, FOX Bet is only available online. There’s no retail location. 

FOX Bet Sportsbook FAQs

Is FOX Bet Legal? 

Yes. FOX Bet is licensed in Colorado, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It’s coming to Indiana, and it’s predicted to launch in New York. (However, that depends on New York’s stringent selection process.)

It’s only available in states where it’s licensed. So, if bettors wager from outside FOX Bet’s legal markets, their bets won’t go through. 

Does FOX Bet Have An Apple iOS App? 

Yes. FOX Bet’s iOS app is available to download from the App Store. FOX Bet has also consolidated its separate state apps into one app. So, it’s easier to find and download the correct FOX Bet app. There’s no more struggling with geolocation on the wrong version of the app. 

Does FOX Bet Have An Android App? 

Yes. The Android app is on the Google Play Store. However, Android users can also download the Android app from FOX Bet’s website.

The Google Play Store allowed gambling apps on its platform at the beginning of 2021, and FOX Bet has taken full advantage of its new availability. 

Is There A FOX Bet Casino App? 

Yes. The FOX Bet Casino app is integrated into the FOX Bet Sportsbook app. So, if bettors go onto the App Store or Google Play Store, they just have to download the regular FOX Bet app.

Even though the state-specific apps are still on the iOS and Android app stores, the stateless app is the most recent version. 

How Does Geolocation Technology Work When Downloading The FOX Bet App? 

Geolocation creates a digital fence around states where FOX Bet is allowed to operate. Inside the fence, sports wagers will go through. Outside the fence, those wagers will be blocked.

The tehcnology also determines whether bettors can play on FOX Bet’s online casino. There’s a lot that goes into making sure iGaming companies comply with the United State’s patchwork of iGaming laws.

Is It Safe To Use The FOX Bet Sportsbook App?

Yes. In each state that FOX Bet has earned a gaming license in, FOX Bet has had its equipment tested before launch. That included security checks and equipment audits by independent auditors. As a licensed sportsbook, FOX Bet is one of the most tested, regulated, and secure apps on the market.

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