Preview of Parry's MLB Baseball Power Guide

Apr 10, 2019 2:30 AM

Parry's MLB Power Guide is an excellent tool for gamblers to calculate a betting line near the anticipated point spread at Vegas sports books. 

MLB Power Guide
Week beginning April 8, 2019
NY Mets (17) 48.9
NY Yankees (14) 49.6
Oakland (6) 50.3
Philadelphia (4) 50.4
Pittsburgh (20) 48.6
San Diego (18) 48.8
San Francisco (21) 48.4
Seattle (2) 50.6
St. Louis (12) 49.8
Tampa Bay (8) 50.2
Texas (22) 48.4
Toronto (29) 47.2
Washington (16) 49.2
How to use the ratings:
1. Add 0.5 points to the home teams rating.
2. Pair the two teams that play each other.
3. The difference between the two ratings indicates the predicted margin of victory.
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