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GT’s podcast caters to bettors

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Every person that has ever worked in a sportsbook has heard this question more times than they can count – “Who do you like?”

In the spirit of that question, a couple of sportsbook supervisors in Las Vegas had an idea. A little over two years ago, Cash Considerations was born as Alan Berg and David Griffin created the popular podcast. Shortly after the first couple of shows the duo brought in another Vegas veteran, Dave Sharapan, and the podcast gained a loyal following.

“Honestly Griff and I thought, every night we are in the sportsbook, people keep asking us, “who are they betting? What do you guys like? You must know something being back there,” Berg said. “And we figured other people in the rest of the world would like to hear stories about this crazy business.”

The trio recorded for a full football season and as Griffin moved on to Los Angeles, Berg and Sharapan kept things rolling, bringing in Motoi Pearson.

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Since joining Cash Considerations, Berg, Sharapan and Pearson have recorded over 81 shows together and recently received an investment from Gaming Today which included upgraded equipment and a sound guy, Sean Reynolds, to continue growing their audience.

“Gaming Today has been amazing and we owe them a great show each and every week, which I feel like we deliver on,” Berg said. “I am hopeful this creates a domino effect, where we see completely new shows, that will be a piece of this upward mobility of GT.”

Berg has been a columnist at Gaming Today since November 2014 and has worked for multiple sportsbooks in town. His current role is Senior Oddsmaker for Caesars Entertainment.

Gaming Today general manager Howard Barish said: “The reality of modern media is that particular brands require varying modes of delivery. Simply picking up a newspaper or reading a digital article isn’t enough to satisfy this fragmented society.

“At Gaming Today we’ve recognized the importance of making our quality content available through podcasts and eventually video productions.”

The show consists of segments such as Bankroll Managers, where the trio give out their best selection of the week. The Big 3 is a staple of football season where each guy gives out their best bets of the weekend.

Sharapan has worked in every aspect of the industry from running risk rooms to working the counters of Vegas. His @SportsbkConsig account on Twitter is a favorite that recounts stories from yesteryear and today of what life is like behind the counter. He’s currently an oddsmaker/risk analyst for CG Technology.

Pearson, the youngest of the group, has been working as an oddsmaker for Caesars but recently accepted a role with the new establishment in town, Circa Sports.

Berg said his best way to describe the show is, “Just a bunch of guys like anyone else talking sports, only we’re the guys that see all.