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While bettors may have visited the Golden Nugget casino, they may not have tried the casino’s branded sportsbook. It’s far from the only casino that’s ventured into the mobile sports betting space. But it’s one of the most recognizable brands. In this review, we’ll see how the Golden Nugget Sportsbook app stacks up against other competing sportsbooks. It should help bettors figure out where to focus their betting efforts. We’ll also include a Golden Nugget Sportsbook promo code below.

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Golden Nugget Bonus Code 2021

Golden Nugget offers a straightforward risk-free bet when you use our exclusive Golden Nugget Michigan Bonus Code: SHARP30. If bettors wager $250 and lose, then Golden Nugget will refund their bets in site credits. Terms and conditions apply.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Bonus CodeSHARP30
Type of BonusRisk-free bet up to $250
Terms and ConditionsMinimum odds -200
Available StatesMichigan, New Jersey
Month/Year VerifiedAugust 2021

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The Golden Nugget sportsbook offers a straightforward risk-free bet. If bettors wager $250 and lose, then Golden Nugget will refund their bets in site credits. Bettors have to wager on odds that are at least -200. (Betting on a sure win would defeat the purpose of a risk-free bet.) Bettors can claim this bonus by opting into the bonus in the “my bonuses” section. Other Golden Nugget promotions include odds boosts and special parlays. The Golden Nugget promo code will also unlock a deal that our readers can enter into their accounts.

The risk-free bet is a good type of bonus to offer. There are few conditions to mislead bettors. It’s easy to understand. But other sportsbooks offer risk-free bets that are twice or four times as large. It’s a good bonus for most bettors. But for bettors who want to risk a lot of money at once, Golden Nugget Sportsbook doesn’t offer a satisfactory cash cushion.



Golden Nugget Sportsbook has many features that make it easy to get around and bet. Its selection of sports is limited, likely because of the split resources between regular casino operations and a gradual foray into sports betting. However, there are plenty of bets to try and many parlays to put together. Golden Nugget Sportsbook’s betting markets are fairly competitive. But there’s a noticeable gap between the full list of sports that Golden Nugget offers compared to companies fully dedicated to sports betting. 

One of the app’s best features is the trending tab. It offers a section of the most popular betting events. Bettors will find a mix of live betting lines and upcoming lines depending on what’s popular. Often, the most popular upcoming games are the ones coming the next day. (At the time of this writing, the live NCAA games are disappearing, and the NCAA games for tomorrow are filling the screen.) This is a good way to get the pulse of other bettors and figure out where the money may be. 

The live in-play betting tab is also a useful shortcut for bettors who want to dive into the middle of a game. Some bettors like being able to watch a game and try to guess which way it’s going to swing. Performance data makes some bettors more confident in making wagers. (How many bettors can accurately predict the end of the game after the first and second quarter remains an open question.) But diving into the current action is also a good way to figure out which game to flip to too. 

Overall, Golden Nugget Sportsbook offers many features that facilitate betting for bettors seeking immediate bets. Featured bets and live in-play show bets that are decided quickly, giving Golden Nugget bettors great ways to get their bets over quickly. 



Golden Nugget Sportsbook is an underdog bettor’s sportsbook. Its odds can match other sportsbooks that are known for their underdog odds. For example, FanDuel is often a market leader on the underdog side of the line, while DraftKings is often a market leader on the favorite side. Here’s how Golden Nugget Sportsbook’s lines stack up against these two sportsbooks: 

 Syracuse OrangeWest Virginia Mountaineers
Golden Nugget Sportsbook+150-165

However, experienced bettors want to know about the vig. The vig is the surcharge sportsbooks build into their lines. It’s the few points sportsbooks shave off their odds to ensure they profit regardless of the outcome. Sportsbooks with high vigs have worse odds for bettors, and sportsbooks with low vigs have better odds for bettors. From there, sportsbooks can lean into the favorite or the underdog if they want to attract bettors to one side of the line.

Here’s how Golden Nugget set its vig on the Syracuse/West Virginia line above: In this set of odds, Golden Nugget Sportsbook has the best odds on both sides of the line. It only edges DraftKings out by two points, so don’t read too much into this line. (TheScore Bet beat Golden Nugget Sportsbook’s West Virginia odds by five points.) But Golden Nugget can hold its own in a competitive market.

Golden Nugget Sportsbook2.3%

On this line, Golden Nugget Sportsbook has a lower vig than DraftKings and FanDuel. Golden Nugget’s vig tends to be low. However, the vig can vary by sport, league, and bet type. Golden Nugget has must-check odds on game lines but is less competitive than DraftKings in futures odds. Overall, Golden Nugget is a must-check sportsbook



Golden Nugget mobile betting is easy with the app. But the app is a little different from other sportsbook apps. Golden Nugget’s online casino and sportsbook are in the same app. Bettors have to download the Golden Nugget Casino app to get mobile access to the sportsbook. Here’s what bettors need to know about the iOS app, Android app, and website. 

Golden Nugget iOS App 

Golden Nugget has a different mobile betting app for every state. Since it’s only in three states, it’s a manageable workload. Bettors can find their state’s Golden Nugget app and download it from the App Store. (The Michigan app has low ratings because of the casino’s deposit bonus, not the sportsbook.) However, the New Jersey and Nevada apps seem to have their major issues ironed out. 

Golden Nugget Android App 

The Golden Nugget Android app isn’t available on the Google Play Store yet. However, there are two Google Play apps. One is for prepaid card management and the other is for their VIP program. But bettors can download the Android app from the Golden Nugget’s website by visiting it on their Android device and hitting the download prompt.   

Golden Nugget Sportsbook Site 

Bettors have to choose their Golden Nugget website carefully. Each website is dedicated to its own state. So, Michiganders have to make sure they sign up for the Michigan site and not the New Jersey one. Other than that, signing up for and navigating the desktop site is easy.



Joining Golden Nugget Sportsbook is easy. First bettors have to find their state’s app. Michigan and New Jersey have their own apps that open up to the casino. After that, bettors have to switch to the sportsbook to see the lines. Nevada’s app is available on the App Store and Google Play Stores too. However, Nevada bettors need to visit the Golden Nugget casino to register their accounts before gaining access to the app. (That’s part of Nevada’s state law, not a Golden Nugget rule.) 

Registering is easy, too. Bettors just have to create login credentials, then enter their personal details, contact details, and security questions. In the final section below the security questions, bettors can also enter their Golden Nugget promo codes or 24K Select numbers. After that, bettors can dive straight into making their first deposits. 

Placing the first bet is easy too. Bettors just click on the odds they want to bet on. Then the wager will appear on the betslip. Once bettors pick all the odds they want to bet on, they can go to the betslip to enter the amount of money they’d like to put on those odds. When they’re finished, bettors can confirm the bets on their betslips. 

Overall, Golden Nugget Sportsbook is easy to find and easy to use. It’s a little cluttered, and it has multiple apps to track down. But the apps are easy to use and reasonably easy to find. 



Golden Nugget Sportsbook is only in three states: Michigan, Nevada, and New Jersey. Its online casino is several years older. Golden Nugget was a casino before it ventured into the online sportsbook space. But online casinos expanded after the Supreme Court ruled PASPA unconstitutional. When states began legalizing online sports betting, it was often their first forays into online gaming. Some offered online lotteries, but those were state-controlled. Allowing private gambling companies to operate online was a new step. Online casino expansion was a natural outgrowth in states that were comfortable regulating online gaming companies. 

So, gaming companies expanded into different types of online gaming. However, some gaming companies have expanded faster than others. 

Golden Nugget’s Apparent Expansion Strategy

Some large sportsbook companies are in almost half the states in the country. However, Golden Nugget’s sportsbook and casino are only in three states. Part of that reason is that its focus is on its casino, and not every state with online gaming allows online casinos. Because Golden Nugget’s apps include both online casinos and online sportsbooks, its market is limited. 

But Golden Nugget’s slow expansion is probably because of internal factors. Most sportsbook companies have one app that allows features if bettors are within legal states. For example, bettors who want to access DraftKings in Colorado, Delaware, or Pennsylvania can download the same app and get the same access to it. The same goes for its sportsbook app. But Golden Nugget even has different state websites. But these separate sites aren’t the cause of its slow expansion. They’re a symptom of it. 

Golden Nugget is likely targeting markets where it believes it will either be the most competitive or the most profitable. Golden Nugget Nevada is in America’s gambling capital, so that makes sense. Golden Nugget New Jersey is also in one of the most lucrative gambling markets outside of Vegas. And Golden Nugget Michigan is in one of the most potentially profitable new markets in the United States. (Colorado may become one if it legalizes online casinos.) This targeted approach is likely great for the company’s bottom line. But bettors won’t find Golden Nugget in most states. 

Golden Nugget Virginia received approval from the Virginia Lottery but the app has yet to launch. Although New York has yet to officially legalize mobile betting, Golden Nugget New York is eager to enter the market. They’ve entered into a strategic partnership with Tioga Downs in Upstate New York to offer mobile betting if and when the state legalizes. It’s also possible we might see Golden Nugget enter the Louisiana market where it operates in Lake Charles.



Overall, Golden Nugget Sportsbook is a solid choice for bettors who can use it. Its app and website’s features make it easy for bettors to put some skin in the games that are currently on or about to be. Its lines are competitive, especially for underdog betting. Its apps are solid and they’re all easy to navigate for new bettors. However, its bonuses and availability are less competitive. 

Hopefully, our Golden Nugget review helps some bettors make up their minds about which sportsbook they’ll invest the most time into.  

Why You’ll Like ItWhat Could Be Improved
Underdog OddsBonus Amount
App and Website AccessibilityState Availability
Breezy Signup ProcessFutures Odds

Golden Nugget App Review 

Deposit And Withdrawal 

Deposit Options

  • Online Banking – Bettors can draw funds directly from their bank accounts to fund wagers. 
  • Credit/Debit Card – Bettors can fund their sportsbook accounts the same way they pay for stuff at Target. 
  • Play+ Prepaid Account – One Play+ account can fund multiple sportsbooks and some resort accounts.  
  • VIP Preferred – VIP Preferred is often used for funding casino games, but it can be used for many sportsbooks too. 
  • PayPal – This is a quick deposit option for bettors who want to keep personal and betting funds separate. 

Withdrawal Options

  • Online Banking – This is a good way to keep sportsbook winnings on bettors’ bank statements. 
  • Play+ Prepaid Account – Play+ accounts allow high rollers to withdraw up to $25,000 at once. ($100,000 for VIPs.) 
  • VIP Preferred – VIP Preferred is another convenient withdrawal option for ultra-high rollers and casino goers. 
  • PayPal – PayPal withdrawals are the fastest besides Play+ withdrawals. 
  • Mailed Check – This is good for the old-fashioned bettor, but it can take two to three weeks to deliver.  

Golden Nugget Customer Support 

Golden Nugget has an FAQ section with many topics. Bettors can also contact customer service through live chat, phone calls, and email. Golden Nugget has a pretty good reputation for customer service. However, bettors who didn’t read the terms and conditions for bonuses remain the most unsatisfied customers. (They make up a lot of negative app store comments, too.)

Golden Nugget Licensing  

Every state has its own Gaming Commission. However, many of them enforce gaming laws similarly. Sportsbook companies have to partner with a local casino, which holds the gaming license to offer a sportsbook. The sportsbook company is just who the casino chooses to run the sportsbook. 

Nevada’s Gaming Control Board regulates Nevada’s gaming industry. They award licenses and have the power to fine, suspend, and revoke them. Golden Nugget Sportsbook’s partner is the Golden Nugget Casino. To comply with the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the Golden Nugget had to apply for a license, even though the same company owns the casino and the sportsbook. 

Michigan’s Gaming Control Board licensed Golden Nugget almost as soon as Michigan online gaming went live. It’s partnered with the Ojibwa Casino & the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. Michiganders can visit Golden Nugget’s website or download the state’s app. 

Finally, New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement regulates Garden State’s gambling companies. The Golden Nugget has a casino in Atlantic City, so it’s its own casino partner. 

All three states have a Golden Nugget branded sportsbook. Whether we’ll see it in more states remains to be seen. 

Golden Nugget Sportsbook App FAQs

Is Golden Nugget Sportsbook Legal?

Yes. It’s licensed in the three states it’s allowed to be in. If it expands, Golden Nugget will have to get new licenses in the state they expand to. But since it abides by state and federal regulations, it’s a safe and legal choice for interested bettors. 

Where Can I Download The Golden Nugget Sportsbook App?

Bettors can download the iOS app from the Apple Store. However, they’ll have to visit the site on an Android device to download the Android app. But bettors can also visit the Golden Nugget website to use the sportsbook in-browser. It’s one of the more straightforward options. 

Is There A Golden Nugget Casino App?

Yes. However, the casino app is also the sportsbook app. Golden Nugget’s apps allow bettors to switch between the sportsbook and casino. On the app store, it’s called the Golden Nugget Casino. But the sportsbook is in there. 

How Does Geolocation Technology Work When Downloading The Golden Nugget App?

Geolocation acts like a fence around certain states. It can tell where a bettor is and whether that bettor is inside or outside the fence. If the bettor is inside the fence, then sportsbook wagers will go through. Bettors outside the fence may be able to view the sportsbook, but they won’t be able to place bets. 

Does Golden Nugget Have An Android App?

Yes, but it’s hard to find. Bettors have to visit Golden Nugget’s site on an Android device to get the prompt to download the app. That used to be because the Google Play Store didn’t allow gambling apps. That policy has since changed. Golden Nugget has two Android apps for account management, but those aren’t the sportsbook or casino apps. 

Is It Safe To Use The Golden Nugget Sportsbook App?

Yes. Not only does Golden Nugget have its own security standards. The states where it’s licensed also have security standards that all sportsbook apps must meet. It keeps poorly run sportsbooks from jeopardizing their bettors’ personal data. No one wants their social security numbers to fall into the wrong hands. 

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