What Happens if New Jersey Loses Sports Betting Case?

What Happens if New Jersey Loses Sports Betting Case?

May 08, 2018 9:32 AM


The prevailing belief is that the United States Supreme Court — sometime before the end of its term in June — will rule in favor of New Jersey and eliminate Congress’ 1992 law banning full-fledged sports wagering outside Nevada.

The optimism stems from several places, including the overall tenor of oral argument in Murphy v NCAA (nee Christie v NCAA) that seemed to favor the state’s position against the that of the sports leagues, which have long supported the ban. Another source of optimism is enthusiasm for the liberation of numerous states to sanction an accepted, if not celebrated activity, that now exists only partly in the shadows. These are unreliable guideposts.

All sides, now including (most of) the very leagues that oppose New Jersey in the high court, publicly recognize legal sports betting in the United States as an inevitability. But if the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) leaves intact the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (better known as PASPA), the inevitable will come later than sooner, perhaps much later.

In a political climate where Congress can’t easily agree on a spot for lunch, how much faith can one have in the passage a bill legalizing sports wagering?

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