McCarran Airport traffic picks up in August

Passenger traffic traveling through McCarran International Airport picked up in August, but it’s still 61% below where it was in August 2019.

The airport released figures Thursday that showed 1.73 million people flew in and out of McCarran in August.

That’s up from 1.1 million in June and 1.43 in July when the passenger count was down 64%.

Domestic travel was down 57.8% in August to 1.68 million from 3.99 million. International travel was down 97.4%.

For 2020, 15 million passengers have flown through the airport, down 56% from the 34.1 million through August of 2020.

Southwest Airlines had 668,511 passengers in August, down 54% in August 2019.

Spirit had 275,676 passengers, down 43% from August 2019.

American and Frontier were down 48% and 46%, respectively and Allegiant fell 51%. Delta fell 73%.