Bonus Progressive

May 25, 2010 7:03 AM

Cantor Gaming has announced a royal flush progressive bonus for players on its eDeck, a hand-held mobile gaming device at the M Resort’s race and sports book.

The Royal Flush Progressive Bonus gives video poker players a chance to win a royal flush cash jackpot as well as an additional progressive cash bonus of up to $10,000.

To qualify for the award, players must first win the royal flush progressive while playing maximum coins on the mobile eDeck, between the hours of noon and midnight on Saturday or Sunday.

The bonus jackpot begins at $2,000 and increases by $100 every hour throughout the day, with the last $100 increase added at 11 p.m. Saturday night.

If the bonus isn’t claimed by midnight, the amount is carried over to Sunday, with another $100 added every hour.

If the bonus isn’t hit on Sunday night, the entire bonus amount is carried over to the next Saturday, and the process continues until the bonus amount reaches $10,000.

The promotion ends once the Royal Flush Bonus is claimed.

Note that the progressive bonus is available for play on only the mobile eDeck, and requires signing up for an eDeck wagering account, as well as an M Resort iMagine Rewards card.

In addition to video poker, the eDeck features familiar casino-style games, and can be played through the M Resort’s common areas, such as the race and sports book, the M Bar, 32-degree Draft Bar, Vig Deli and the poker room.