Casino marketers

June 01, 2010 7:01 AM


As casinos languish in one of the worst economies in the country’s history, marketers look for new ways to retain customers and generate new business.

These marketing guidebooks offer a light at the end of the economic tunnel.

Principles of Casino Marketing by Anthony Lucas and Jim Kilby (243 pages, 9x11 paperbound, $89) and Casino Management – A Strategic Approach by Kathryn Hashimoto (410 pages, 7x9 paperbound, $75.60) have found their way to our shelves like two timely speeding trains loaded with information about how casinos operate and what makes them successful.

Kilby, already a successful author and management expert with his previous Casino Operations Management book ($85) with co-author Lucas and Jim Fox, in his newest work describes both successful and unsuccessful practices, emphasizing that "…mistakes provide outstanding learning opportunities." Recognizing that "many gaming executives across the globe lack experience" with respect to marketing issues and activities and that "Management is often left to imitate Las Vegas promotions, despite key market differences," the book is geared to "provide operators with meaningful direction and students with the insight they desire," Kilby says.

A key chapter discusses developing a marketing plan, including analysis and forecasting of environmental factors, developing a budget and an outline.

Kathryn Hashimoto of East Carolina University (she also co-authored Casino Dictionary with George Fenich [$24] in 2007) loves to explore, examine, recommend and analyze casino gaming topics. In her Casino Management – A Strategic Approach she presents in a textbook approach to her explorations in 15 chapters. They include crisis management involving social, economic, political and legal environments; external influences like consumer behavior, the development of corporate culture and historical developments.

Sections focus on casino organizational structure including departments outside the casino, like food, beverage and entertainment and how departments work together.

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