Burger was awesome at Cosmopolitan's Holstein’s Shakes & Buns

Mar 28, 2011 6:00 AM

    The new and improved Burger Bytes, 2011 version, lists six categories we believe people want and deserve in a burger joint – quality of service, reasonable price, amount and taste of potatoes, size and taste of burger, atmosphere, and wait time.
 The first to come under the microscope is Holstein’s Shakes & Buns on the second level of the Cosmopolitan. We loved the atmosphere. It had everything – the long counter/bar, lounge area, and restaurant. Elegance everywhere.
    The service was just fine – friendly, engaging and not much waiting time at all. The burger was awesome. Our choice was the 8 oz regular on a tasty bun. Not as large as we’ve seen elsewhere, but just the right size so you don’t feel bloated when leaving the table.
    The fries we ordered were steak variety and truly top notch. The only real disappointment was the rather small amount served considering the hefty $17.30 price (including tax) of the meal. We love shakes, but that doesn’t figure in our burger ratings except we would definitely go back for seconds.
    So here is the overall scoreboard, which will be our measure of excellence or failure through the weeks. We use a 1 to 5 points system for each of the six categories to determine total points. We then determine a scale with an A-F grade from the points. The rating comes from the number of points divided by 30 (maximum points possible).
    We used a 1 to 5-star system. Holstein’s came up a 4-star with price and limited portion of steak fries the big negatives. We wanted a little more for our buck, but this is a great place, one highly recommended for a fun date.
    Service: 5; Price: 2; Potatoes: 4; Meat: 5;
Atmosphere: 5; Wait Time: 5.
    TOTAL  26 OF 30; RATING: 86.7 (4 stars)
    SCALE:     RATING:
    28-30: A    93-100%: 5-STAR
    25-27: B    83-92%: 4-STAR
    21-24: C:    70-82%: 3-STAR
    17-30: D:    57-69%: 2-STAR
      6-16:  F:    20-56%: 1-STAR