Gallivanting With Gabby

Apr 27, 2011 1:00 PM

Here one of the bartenders (Dexter) from Cafe Nikki takes a moment to grab a photo with Gabby.

Cafe Nikki's style and elegance is only the beginning of what they have to offer.  Here is the entrance to the new bar area where the "Happy Hour" awaits.  Special thank you to Bruce Hanrahan, Cafe Nikki Manager.

Here is a shot of their beautiful new dining area where later the very distinguished Alex Yemenidjian (Chief Executive Officer of Tropicana) had dinner

 What an amazing way to be greeted before the affair even got started!  This is were they treated Gabby and a guest to a buffet and drinks prior to heading into the Gladys Knight concert.

And then she appeared!  Breathtaking really! "Gladys Knight took the stage to a standing ovation in her first performance at the Gladys Knight Theater and said that this "would be more than a concert. It would be an experience." Mark Mayer in GamingToday


Gabby tells us that Gladys Knight's show brought back memories of "back in the day" when Motown was all she listened to, especially when Gladys covered a Michael Jackson tune.  


The sound system in the Gladys Knight Theater was impeccable, but Gladys made the show!