Review of Hamburger at The Clarion Restaurant in Las Vegas

May 3, 2011 6:00 AM

The Clarion Restaurant

305 Convention Center Dr

Las Vegas • Phone: 997-8000

I really love all the folks at the Clarion. But in the hopes of providing constructive criticism, I have to give a lower score than this fine restaurant and burger deserve.

As far as a burger, it’s top of the line. The service is great in terms of being friendly, courteous and very engaging. But there are problems that I hope they can get corrected for this resort has the potential of being lights out.

First, it just takes too long to receive the burger. Some nights it can be 20 minutes. And they charge for takeout. A lot of places do, but Clarion was one that didn’t for awhile.

Clarion also raised the prices for its burgers and other items, plus they will switch over from huge steak fries that were awesome to regular fries.

The fries are still great, but no reason you can’t have both. And the restaurant stops serving at 9 p.m. during most weeknights. That’s not good, especially in a city with so many casino workers with different shifts.

Again, it pains me to be so blunt but I want this place to be the best it can possibly be and right now it is underachieving.

The burger is large and very tasty and we would order it in a heartbeat. But to pay around $13 and the service being slow most of the time is not a good combination.

Taking every aspect into consideration, not just the meal, we think Clarion can do a lot better. And we’ll go back and see if they do.








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RATING: 77% (3 stars)


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