Baseball early hit for sports books in Las Vegas

May 10, 2011 6:00 AM

These are supposed to be the dog days of baseball, but so far the sports books love it and having a great first few weeks of the season.

The problem is when the players lose at a higher rate, they lose the churn factor of volume, which may cause some of the books to show lower handle despite the higher win.

If a regular bettor’s bankroll for the week is $100 and he loses it quickly, it doesn’t leave them much of a chance to create more action. Normal circumstances have the bettor being able to churn that $100 into $300 or $400 worth of action over the course of a week showing a small win or loss.

With the way it’s going now, the books should expect to see some slight drops in volume.

Part of the reason is there are no whipping boys any more. You can’t just pick on the Pirates or Royals on a daily basis, nor can you blindly hit a three-game parlay by just taking the Phillies, Yankees and Red Sox like in years past.

The pitching is better, less runs are being scored and games are tighter than ever.