If it has anything to do with gambling we collect and preserve

Jun 7, 2011 3:00 AM

Mankind has been fascinated by the gamble for a very long time. There is evidence of dice formed from bones going back 6,000 years! Who knows how long before that mankind wanted to see what the odds were something they thought would happen actually would or would not happen?

Today we use casinos to check out those odds. Or we go to the racetrack. Or we play cards with our friends. Or we gamble on line. Or we go to the sport’s book and place a bet.

It’s all about seeing what the odds are that something will or will not happen. Of course there are the rewards for guessing or projecting correctly.

So you put together the two halves – the odds of something occurring and the rewards when it does or does not occur. Behold, you have gambling! Or gaming or whatever we choose to call it.

We still to do our gaming with devices we can hold, look at, touch, feel, etc. Electronic devices just won’t do!

Of course, we collect those devices – artifacts, relics, pieces of clay, pieces of plastic, pieces of paper – to show we have gambled. We want to show what the history of that gambling is. We want to hold onto those pieces of history for our own satisfaction to prove we were there, that we did it and it was something we wanted to do.

Born out of that desire, which is almost a need, are the collectors.

You name it, if it has anything to do with gambling we will collect, preserve and talk about it; meet with others who collect, buy and sell it, and generally become immersed in those little pieces of history.

On Wed., June 22, the World’s Largest Casino Collectible Show will take place at the South Point Hotel, Spa & Casino. Literally every item that has ever been associated with gambling will be on display and will be for sale.

You can see them in the showroom, hear about them at seminars and take a look at the few that are reproduced here.

For more information check out our web site at: www.ccgtcc.com.